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To Melon's Island, the site that is all about my old but renewed story called Melon's Adventures. This story is about a bird named Melon that is given electric powers to fight evil from a mysterious bird called 'The Goddess Creature'. Melon goes on a quest, along with the creature to fight evil and to find out what happened to the rest of her species that suddenly disappeared! Filled with a lot of adventures and action scenes, as Melon faces many villains along her quest, and wants answers on what happened to the other Tropical Birds. It's 2019 and Melon's Island has been running for 11 years! (^V^) ..Despite leaving the site during Version 1.2 for almost 3 years. So, it hasn't been completely successful but mostly.

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New Pictures and More!

Thursday - Aug 27, 2020

Finally! I can update :D I'm trying to make my update entries short, I started doing that with Legendary Birds, then Spat and Harmony Heartbreak and now Melon's Island :3 I do make long ones after all but I just had a lot to say apparently, haha. And the update entries for MI will now have a list of what I updated.

Pictures: 5 New Pictures have been added, including a poster of MA and a poster of a side story of Melon's Adventures. The MA poster has kind of a spoiler for Aaron for his future but there is more to it than his new look. ;) It won't be revealed until later though. There are a few holiday themed ones as well (Yulemas and Halloween).
About The Story: I changed the image that's at the top of that page to the MA poster that I added to Pictures.
Sprites: I've made them since 2018 o-o; and I was going to add them to MI earlier (they have been on my latest journal on Deviantart) but here they are now; I added two sprites that are new to the site, one is Melon flying and the other one is Aaron flying. They are based on the banner for Version 3.0: Blue Bird, I'm planning on making a Serenity one as well. I'm not sure if she'll be transparent like in the banner or not.
Extras: I've actually made three updates to this page; 1 is that I added Animal Crossing: New Horizons designs of Melon, Aaron, and Serenity. I'll be adding more to the Other Extras section at some point as well. 2 is that I decided to add added dates for everything in Other Extras. 3 is that since the page is getting kind of big I used tables to place mostly everything in the Under Construction/Hiatus and Closed Images, except now it's Under Construction/Hiatus Images which looks better in a way and now Closed Image has it's own section.
Monster Birds: It's been typed for a long time but I finally added a section for Aaron's Partial Monster Bird form, though a drawing of him in this form is now needed but I did add the apperances of that form recently like I did with the other sections on that page.
Spoilers: It's a new page that only has the start of what's to come since there isn't any spoilers yet but there will be when it's updated. See the page for more details.
Lucian and Kelly's Beginning: Since I already finished it's poster I added this page. This page is about a side story that connects with Melon's Adventures that will be on Melon's Island at some point in the future. Like Spoilers it only has the start of what's to come.

On a side note in case no one that comes here knows, Adobe Flash is going to be shutting down this December (I don't know what day it's going to be but it might be the 1st) which means that the Current Moon Phase plugin will stop working and will probably have to be removed. Though if the owner of it upgrades it to HTML5 or something that is still around then it wouldn't have to be removed. If it doesn't get upgraded then it's going to be a shame to see it go but at least it's been around for years (ever since Version 2.2 and that was back in March 2015). On another side note.. A site of mine, MPS (Melon's Personal Site) has been down for a while so I removed it's button. It has a new title now and is a small site instead of a medium one. I'm not ready to add it to MI yet but I will in time, maybe on the next update.

Sorry for the Wait D:

Friday - Feb 28, 2020

I got busy with moving LB (one of my other sites) to Byehost and then working on this update took a long time too since I ended up drawing the new characters for Chapter 13 after being done with it (including two other new drawings). I should stick to drawing them during a new chapter's progress next time. After the last update I ended up noticing many mistakes, a mixture of some that I didn't get to fix/didn't notice before and some because of the move. This happened on many pages but mostly multiple character pages. But all of this has already been fixed, mostly a month ago without announcing it earlier. As an annoucement, on the old version of Melon's Island, I noticed that the update blog isn't active anymore and has been removed but I was able to access all of those updates through the site's account and placed them on a new page on this MI since I sadly can't on the other. But all of the details about that can be explaned on it's home page. I'm actually able to add the layout coding on there as well so it's almost like how it used to be :) Now for the new characters I decided to keep going for the new nose hole coloring like for the splash and banner on this layout and added a new type of feet (once again XD) which is what I have been using for a while for the multiple pictures that aren't done yet.. but they will be >:) And I already plan on sticking with them for future drawings. For a minor but important update, I was actually able to add the titles (Heroes, Villians, etc.) in each listing for 'Characters' like how the character navigation is, on an actual character's page. Which isn't like how it's suppose to be but it wouldn't show up the normal way so I had to do it in a new way but even so, it's been added. Yay, me! :D Now here are the rest of the updates (which aren't minor or an announcement)..

Chapter 13 is done and has been added to Chapters, including the release of a new volume cover with a new background for the covers. Which will only be included at least two more times. For Characters I added two new ones; Lucian and Kelly since they make their appearance in Ch 13 ^-^ Mitternacht's page gets updated (along with a monstrous spoiler), Yume's page has also been updated. More guest characters appear in the newest chapter so I added those to Guest Characters. Three new Pictures have been added, two of them have to do with the recent layout since I wasn't able to add them last time. Updated About This Layout with some new info about how Version 3.3 looks in multiple browsers and with that I now know what browsers are good with this layout so the navigation has been updated as well. After Characters had a massive update, I found out that since all of the tables (which includes the character navigation, listed info for each character, etc.) backgrounds are white for the most part, they are actually black in Internet Explorer for some reason.. which is kind of cool, haha. But for the last thing that I updated, I added a new section for About The Story which explains the first version of MA. Which is the beginning of Melon's Adventures and how I took some info from it and added it to the recent version, which is what it is today and the one that is still going and didn't stop early. More of that version is on MI's old site though but I decided to add it since it did help with the recent story and characters, despite the differences between the two.

New Layout! Big Update!

Tuesday - July 9, 2019

Whew! I'm done with this big update ^^; At least I think so.. there where some mistakes when adding this layout to the two SSI files and one of the mistakes happened for the fact that I changed the content fonts from Arial to Comic Sans MS in which all of the past updates on Old Updates because the layout's font instead :O But I believe I fixed all of the mistakes, if something looks off it might be a mistake. It took a long time to get a new layout on here and having to change hosts didn't go low on the layout's time. This layout marks the first one on Byehost ^w^ Yay! *throws confetti everywhere* I even updated the Welcome summary on Home as a small update. Wanting to use Photoshop again, I went back to my old laptop c: And decided to complete the layout and the update on here instead of going back to the recent one, I do have some more stuff to do that I can't do on the other since it doesn't have a SD card slot like this one. Now I wasn't able to use the actual Photoshop that I was going to use but I'm happy that I got to use CS4 or I would be in more trouble D: Unlike the banner and splash images for the previous layout I used Gimp more than typing in the titles for the site and layout since they involve lightning brushes and was able to make Melon's electric attacks better since CS4's effects are hard to use (they mostly do nothing D:). Note that I'm not 100% sure on which browsers are good for this layout, at least Firefox works well on this laptop but I would have to check the browsers on my recent one when I get to it. The main issue with the browsers on here is the lightning bolt symbols being squares o.o For these new pieces of artwork that make up the layout and splash (like all MI layouts) I added new poses and tried to make them look at least alright to me. It's been months but I made multiple drawings of different feet since I'm tired of the old style, besides I don't want them walking on their toes anymore XD That isn't proper for an actual bird's feet either lol. So, these new pieces is just me trying new feet on my characters. I might not go along with those feet since they seem similar with The Penguins of Madagascar feet (at least to me) and they're penguins. For those who don't know what Aaron is suppose to be doing.. he's trying to make a punch. At some point in the story he decides to help Melon in fighting evil by learning how to punch and kick, instead of just feeling helpless like usual D,: It's awesome to see his monstrous eye in his Partial Monster Bird Form in HD a digital non sprite-ish way, it's the same with Melon's attacks, though on the one artwork I had to make some of the lightning bolts white with her yellow belly covering them all. Since Melon didn't have Electric Wings in the old story line, it finally makes it's appearance ^-^ I did draw something similar to Volt Sphere back then but it was only a yellow ball with no sparks but this one is a LOT better but it looks like a sun with rays XD

Before I talk more about those pics.. now I'll talk about today's updates; For the usual new layout updates, About This Layout is updated with recent info, The Shepherd of Fire (Version 3.2) is added to Previous Layouts, V3.3's update table has been added to Old Updates. For the rest of the updates; Broken Image links have been fixed in Pictures as I said I would do on the previous update entry but divided them into four sections with small descriptions, Added more Hiatus page before these layouts appeared; Version 3.0, Version 3.2, and including the latest one in Extras and gave it a new header that divides it's three sections (Pictures also has this), Site Info is updated with moving to Byehost stuff (Recent Site Host, Old Site Host, and the move to the new host in the history section, all added), About The Story is updated with more location info, Guest Character count is now over 40 :O, and there are now 12 Chapters instead of 11, Characters has a massive makeover by creating a navigation that link to the pages of each character, EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER.. get's their own page :D I even added more info to every character that wasn't on the old page style and every character's page has a small version of the navigation for easy exploring :) The yellow font on a white background may not be so easy on the eyes however.. I'll probably fix it on the next update. Note that Sapphire and Yume are now Heroes instead of Others, being a guardian and a protector. Chapter 12: Dreams has been added to Chapters, along with a long list of Guest Characters and two of those characters will be appearing on the next chapter 8D YAS! I sadly couldn't get the whole Mitternacht and Yume story in 12 so it will end at Chapter 13 instead, along with a new story :)

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