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Hello and Welcome to..

Melon's Blog :D Which is formally known as Melon's Personal Site or MPS for short. Now it has a new name :3 I decided to make a blog, plus make a home for most of my stories that where on Melon's Stories, the mini site that used to connect with MPS. Not only is this site a place to make my stories still read-able but I decided to make a blog in the first place is so that I can add any announcements that I'd like to make or need to make (when a problem happens) since Legendary Birds had an issue recently, one that makes it hard to announce to the visitors (especially when there's more than a little to explain). The other announcements are for when updates are approaching. Because of this, like MPS, MB will also be connecting to my active sites.

Blog Entries

First Entry: Legendary Birds Problem

Thursday - Aug 27, 2020

Yay, my first entry! :D But it's a bad one but that's why I made Melon's Blog in the first place to explain to the visitors of my sites about these problems and believe me, this is a BIG one, there's much to explain about it. It all started back in June.. sadly.. I was working on a future layout for LB and needed the bottom image of Version 11's image address and went to get it by going to Home and viewed it's source like I usually do with my sites and copied and pasted the address and then closed out of it's source and that's when it happened.. Home became a bunch of words that has nothing to do with the site and it looks like spam.. and there isn't just some of it, there's a lot of it.. I freaked out and got worried and looked through all of it's pages and I noticed that a few more are like Home.. though only the one is actually on the navigation; Zapdos Merch. And Articuno Merch has a 404 error in a box that has a scroll.. and a bunch of coding on the top and bottom of it.. There where also some pages that had a "This page cannot be displayed" kind of error on these pages; Past Layouts, Moltres Merch, and a few pages that aren't on the navigation. A few of those pages that weren't on the navigation where going to be; three of them are part of an Update Archive that is kind of similar to the one that SHH (Spat and Harmony Heartbreak) has and since those pages where updated recently, including the others that ended up having problems in three different ways. Though the help of the crappy staff, I got this Parse error that used to have the "This page cannot be displayed" error but that doesn't help since I don't know how that'll help since the pages on editing mode are like that as well.. and I also don't know what to do. I'm thinking that this might be a php error and I haven't used that format much so that's probably why I don't know what to do. Through the chaos Legendary Birds Merch survived o.o , though it could have been like that since I recently created that page and then worked on it so apparently this problem only happened with already existing pages that where updated. Though I did update it later on until I was done with it and made a back up of it just in case it ends up with a problem but.. that problem never happened :O Yep, this happened all because I wanted to make an update back in June (and it was going to feature a new layout :'( ).. like the other two previous updates; one that had an update for the Winter Solstice with a special image featuring Articuno and the other one had an update for the Spring Equinox with a special image featuring Moltres and I was going to do one for the Spring Solstice that was going to feature the last birdie; Zapdos. But I never got to because of those stupid errors!! T_T I was pissed and upset about it.. I've cooled down about it for many weeks now (probably before it was August). And the worst thing about those page problems is that they all have problems when I go to edit them! They are replaced by crappy problems and all of the work that I put into those pages seem to be GONE, they are not there at all O_O;.

But I'm not giving up and letting these problems go because I'm going to find some way to save them! I actually asked for help from a secret source ;) It'll take a while, not sure when but in the mean time I made a revived version of Past Layouts from the old host Webs and I'm going to do the same with the merchandise pages, even though that means that I'll have to do a lot of work but the old version of those pages is a good head start for making revived ones. Though the previous update entries that I talked about earlier are a Byehost only thing.. but I can revive most of the Update Archive pages except for the fact that the Winter Solstice one was going to be on the recent page :/ so I can't do that and the pages will have some differences as well. I'll try to update around this issue and I'll still go with the coming of the seasons thing, even though it'll be very late, it'll be there. Though this will take time. When I was trying to get help from the crappy staff, the first reply I got from them was that my site was hacked -.- and that I had to make back ups of everything (images and pages) and delete the.. pages.. that.. have been.. affected.. *dies mentally for a second* but if I did that then I won't get ANYTHING back!! >_< And would have to say goodbye to everything that I can't add again.. Ugh, reviving images is one thing.. reviving paragraphs that I typed up is WORSE. Yeah, I could just add a "sorry these update entries are gone" in the place where they used to be but they celebrated the coming of the seasons, dang it!! It's the first special thing that I did for LB and I'm just suppose to let it go and not want it back?? I don't think so!! Not long after hearing that I researched what looks like hacking and apparently those pages don't look like that and I used this site called Sucuri that can scan pages and show if they have a problem or not but.. none of them do o.o Though the used to be "cannot be displayed" pages had a 500 Internal Server error on them. So, this looks like a complete Byehost problem with no hacking involved (even though I can see why they think so..) or at least no malware involved that connects to hacking. And with the other replies that the staff gives me, doesn't work or I don't know what to do/I feel like I'm helping the problem if I did that.. well with the Parse error thing. I've been working on finding a solution for at least ONE page to get better but nothing is working.. at least without that secret source :3 Because of this big problem, I made back ups of all of LB's pages (the ones that haven't been affected). I also made back up pages on Melon's Island (though I still have more to do) and then I'll do the same with SHH (the site with the most pages x.x Well, that's all folks.