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This is a site about my future show called Melon's Adventures. Hope you enjoy it and please sign the guestbook, thank you!

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My motivation came back and created a better version of the previous layout, Version 1.0: Neo Island. I made the background in the banner with Gimp which came out pretty good. Melon and the Goddess Creature where made in Microsoft Paint. The rest of the images (the backgrounds for content, left navigation, right navigation, and disclaimer) are ones that I found on Google. I didn't really like this layout very much except the banner but the background images from Google where nice except for the background content that didn't look good for pages bigger than the background.








To Melon's Island, the site that is all about my old but renewed story called Melon's Adventures.This story is about a bird named Melon that is given electric powers to fight off evil from a mysterious bird called 'The Goddess Creature'. Melon goes on a quest, along with the creature to fight evil and to find out what happened to the rest of her species that suddenly disappeared. Filled with a lot of adventures and action scenes, as Melon faces many villains along her quest, and wants answers on what happened to the other Tropical Birds.

New and old visitors are always welcome! :D Please sign the Guest Book, I love hearing your comments! ^-^

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