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Melon's Blog :D Which is formally known as Melon's Personal Site or MPS for short. Now it has a new name :3 I decided to make a blog, plus make a home for most of my stories that where on Melon's Stories, the mini site that used to connect with MPS. Not only is this site a place to make my stories still read-able but I decided to make a blog in the first place is so that I can add any announcements that I'd like to make or need to make (when a problem happens) since Legendary Birds had an issue recently, one that makes it hard to announce to the visitors (especially when there's more than a little to explain). Instead of announcing upcoming site updates in a blog, the Updated Site Status will say 'Update Coming Soon' instead by which site will have one. This started to take effect on 6/1/21 as an edit in the 'LB, MI & SHH are Down.. (Fixed)' blog entry. Because of this, like MPS, MB will also be connecting to my active sites.

Updated Site Status
What is this? This little list tells the viewers on which site/s have been updated recently and if they aren't, tells when the site was last updated. And when an update is coming soon.

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak: Updated on Feb 2022
Legendary Birds: Updated on Feb 2022
Melon's Island: Updated on Aug 2021

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What Happened to Ham-Ham Heartbreak?

Friday - Feb 4, 2022

Since I recently added this site to SHH's Site Status in the one navigation with a note for any news to a problem or problems incase I ever have more than one but it has only been one at a time so far but if I don't know what I already know about Byehost with the issues I already went through with my sites then an unknown problem occurs. This addition was added so the visitors aren't left in the dark about any problems with SHH in the future (can't say that it'll be problem free) and I'm also gonna do this same navigation update with my other sites as well. Secretly Ham-Ham Heartbreak went offline because it had to be removed because of a certain word or words being on the page which are bad for Bye so the whole page just has to leave, having a big issue with those words or that word which isn't easy to explain on SHH since if I type in cuties for example since I know that's one of those certain words the account gets suspended and the site goes offline until the problem is fixed. So, Ham-Ham Heartbreak has been down since June of last year.. Why has it been down for that long? Because of how I don't know what the bad word is but I'm guessing it's chat because of a chatbox image header having an error and when I renamed it to cbox the error was solved. Then I decided to make a test account on Bye to see what the word/s is/are along with testing out another site of mine but because of the lack of visitors in the last 30 days or so it went down so I brought it up again but it might've went down again since the same thing occured which I couldn't help it since it's just a way to test stuff so that plan went down the drain, I tried to get it suspended but it never worked.. It's easy to get suspended by accident but on purpose it's hard. Now I'm stuck to having to actually see what the problem is on SHH itself wether it goes offline or not.. While working on the upcoming update, I'll be slowly bringing the page back by adding it part by part so expect some downtime and know that if it does go offline it's not my fault. And for secruity reasons Bye is not going to tell me what word/s caused the page to go down in the first place.. so I'm on my own with this which is why I have to test stuff.

Edit 2/5/22: Since Bye has no problem with the website section in Ham-Ham Heartbreak, and I already know that there's no problem with the first section, Storyline, & Places so it has to be one of the Ham-Chats in the big list but since it'll take a long time to pin down which word is 'bad' and to not get SHH suspended accidentally I added the list to this host on a page which is shown in an i-frame on SHH, I think it'll go well since the list is somewhere outside of Byehost.

Edit 2/9/22: It did go well :D