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Melon's Blog :D Which is formally known as Melon's Personal Site or MPS for short. Now it has a new name :3 I decided to make a blog, plus make a home for most of my stories that where on Melon's Stories, the mini site that used to connect with MPS. Not only is this site a place to make my stories still read-able but I decided to make a blog in the first place is so that I can add any announcements that I'd like to make or need to make (when a problem happens) since Legendary Birds had an issue recently, one that makes it hard to announce to the visitors (especially when there's more than a little to explain). The other announcements are for when updates are approaching. Because of this, like MPS, MB will also be connecting to my active sites.

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Accounts Suspended Again D:

Thursday - June 10, 2021

Since I decided to update Zapdos Merch on LB (and a few other things, that I forgot to add when I made that update back in May), that site and my other sites just had to go down again.. This happend on the 4th or earlier and I got LB back online yesterday but the other two are still offline, though the account for MI isn't suspended but it has a 502 Bad Gateway error or it would be up by now. With LB, I found out that I was wrong about Sitting Cuties being the reason for the previous downfall, apparently it's cutiest since I method on the item's summary that it's the cutiest one out of all the Zapdos plushies. Which is very close to cuties, at least it seems like it is since Byehost never had a problem with Moltres Merch which also has a Sitting Cuties plush so it's in there and is typed in as one word everytime I mention it so it makes sense. Even so, so a third downfall doesn't happen, I'm gonna make another account on Byehost in order to test it out but it's going to be connected to my other e-mail so it also makes sense about why the heck all three would go offline because of one site having a problem, because all three do share the same e-mail. I'm gonna test out that guess of mine too to make sure I'm right. But back to LB, since the fact that I mentioned that they could remove the problem themselves if I couldn't.. they really listened to it.. since the reply ended up being that they decided to remove the whole page (yes, Zapdos Merch) because of one word. It's really great that I kept making copies of LB's pages in order to not lose anything or this problem would be really bad, so I just used the copy of that page and added it without that plush since back then I didn't realize that cutiest was the culprit but even so, it's just a guess that it was the reason. It's a good one though. I just don't want to have to go through the same problem again in case I am wrong. But to think that Byehost would just be like "Oh no, it has a bad word! That page must be deleted!" and then actually do it. Even though what I said before was what probably made that happen, I thought that they could at least remove the 'bad word' or just tell me remove it and then they could take away that account suspension in order to let me do that and if I didn't do it in a matter of a few days at least then it'll be suspended once again. Byehost has stupid rules that must be followed in order to use them as a host.. Reminds me of other stupid rules that aren't that bad but people make them out to be so terrible. People like that are funny that sometimes one just has to laugh at their stupidity. Like I did with the previous entry, I'll update this entry when the other sites are back and what happened with them.

Edit 6/11: Both of them aren't back but.. Melon's island is! With Byehost I got three replies back from when I told them about that 502 Bad Gateway error. They said that they need to get to second line support and will get back to me soon. Then how the solution to the problem will be resolved soon and the last one is about how maintenance was in progress for free hosting (which is what I use for all three of my sites) and how I can check again in 48 hours or less to see if MI is online. For SHH they said the same thing at first as they did with MI about getting second line support but on the other reply they told me there's apparently an error that the abuse filter detectors found with this one page; Ham-Ham Heartbreak O.o Why did that page become a problem with them? I thought it went down because of it's attachment with LB like with MI.. The last time I updated that page was in 2/4/19 and that's the first time that I made an update on there after the move from Webs.. I might've fixed an error that was on that page later on and maybe that's why it's a problem but I think that was before 2021. Strange.. I'll update this entry again when the problem with SHH is resolved -.-