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As the header above says, there is random stuff on this page and they're divided into sections.Edit 2/7/24: As I don't like the idea of having really big pages anymore Current/Past Pokemon Parties has been moved to it's own page (and this page used to be slow for my laptop when editing as it has a hard time handling certain things). Since this is done there is no need to have quick links to the other sections so that has been removed (this page is so small now :O). The link to Stareon's Hideout in Toybox has also been updated with a current address due to the departure of Webs as it used to be hosted there. Edit 2/28/24: Because of pokeparties.html being slow while updating it, I moved some games over to this page and updated the summary. I might add more here if it's still a problem.

Current/Past Pokemon Parties

This section used to have all of the parties but now it just has Pokemon Scarlet - Pokemon Sword as there where too many to add to this page XD It mainly shows a history of my Pokemon parties from the main games (including remakes); Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu! - Pokemon Blue. There's a good amount of information about the parties and Pokemon trainer information. The rest of the parties can be viewed here. This section was created for memories sake (this is also the reason why I added a GIF Collection and a Stamp Collection). One cannot time travel but one can view (also read and hear) old things as if one is actually walking through time.

Trainer Name Autumn
Enrollment Date 11/21/22
Defeated Titans All 5
Gym Badges All 8
Defeated Team Star Bases All 5
Defeated the Elite 4 & Top Champ? Yes
Defeated Champion Nemona? Yes
Pokemon Gender Level Caught Location (at Lv #) Caught Date
Meowscarada Male 100 Cabo Poco (Lv 5) 11/20/2022
Dachsbun Female 7? South Provience (Area One) [Lv 6] 11/20/2022
Kilowattrel Female 7? East Provience (Area One) [Lv 22] 12/06/2022
Finizen Female 7? East Provience (Area Two) [Lv 21] 12/06/2022
Cyclizar Female 7? East Provience (Area Two) [Lv 21] 12/06/2022
Farigiraf Female 7? West Provience (Area Two) [Lv 29] 12/20/2022

Legends: Arceus
Trainer Name Autumn
Date Begun 3/23/22
Nobles Defeated 5
Pokemon Gender Level Caught Location (at Lv #) Caught Date
Hisuian Typhlosion Male 58 Jubilife Village (Lv 5) 03/23/2022
Sylveon Male 58 Horseshoe Plains (Lv 3) 03/24/2022
Leafeon Male 57 Horseshoe Plains (Lv 4) 03/24/2022
Jolteon Male 57 Horseshoe Plains (Lv 5) 03/24/2022
Glaceon Male 57 Horseshoe Plains (Lv 4) 03/27/2022
Murkrow Female 57 Cloudpool Ridge (Lv 23) 04/04/2022

Shining Pearl
Trainer Name Autumn
Adventure started 11/22/21
Gym Badges All 8
Defeated the Elite 4 & Champ? No, too strong
Pokemon Gender Level Caught Location (at Lv #) Caught Date
Infernape Male 69 Lake Verity (Lv 5) 11/22/2021
Luxray Male 69 Route 202 (Lv 3) 11/22/2021
Lucario Male 69 From Riley as an Egg (Lv 1) 12/28/2021 (Hatched Date too)
Floatzel Female 69 Valley Windworks (Lv 8) 11/22/2021
Chatot (nicknamed Charap) Female 69 Through a Link Trade (Lv 15) 12/02/2021
Jirachi N/A 69 Floaroma Town (Lv 5) 11/22/2021

Trainer Name Autumn
Registered on 12/7/19
Gym Badges All 8
Champion Cup: Semi-Finals
- Champion Battle
Passed through all three
Pokemon Gender Level Caught Location (at Lv #) Caught Date
Cinderace Male 73 Postwick (Lv 5) 12/07/2019
Corviknight Female 73 Route 1 (Lv 5) 12/07/2019
Thievul Male 73 Route 1 (Lv 6) 12/07/2019
Boltund Male 73 Route 2 (Lv 7) 12/07/2019
Cramorant Male 73 Route 9 (Lv 41) 01/31/2020
Galarian Farfetch'd Male 73 Route 5 (Lv 20) 12/15/2019

Expansion Pass: The Isle of Armor/The Crown Tundra
Pokemon Gender Level Caught Location (at Lv #) Date Met
Blastoise Female 85 Master Dojo (Lv 5) 06/22/2020
Urshifu (Single Strike Style) Male 85 Master Dojo (Lv 10) 07/03/2020
Luxray Male 85 Training Lowlands (Lv 60) 06/22/2020
Lycanroc (Midday Form) Female 85 Loop Lagoon (Lv 60) 06/20/2020
Silvally N/A 84 Battle Tower (Lv 50) 06/17/2020
Galarian Slowbro Female 85 Fields of Honor (Lv 60) 06/23/2020


Some sites that are hosted on Neocities has this though it's usually on another page, mine is in a page's section. I really liked the idea of having a collection of my own so I made one. Toyboxes are basically a collection of various gifs that can be adopted by other people and are linked to the site that each adoptable comes from. The ones in my toybox can be from sites that are still open and ones that are closed. The latest ones are at the top.

These are also from The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno but it's on an old address (before existed) but the links also have been archived from since it's definitely closed. The adopts are from the Plushies section of the linked page and are known to be free images.

Suta-Raito (an art, anime and neopets site) has been archived from since it's closed. The links and images are from archive.

Tubumikan is gone so I replaced the old links with an archived one from The recently added ones have the same links as well.

This chibi Lugia was adopted at!

This chibi Articuno was adopted at!

This chibi Zapdos was adopted at! (mostly known as 'The Sky Temple' or 'The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno') has been archived from since it's also closed. The links are from archive and the images are mostly from it as well.

Adopted at! Adopted at! Adopted at!
Sora (a Moltres & Pokemon site) has been archived from since it's closed as well. The links and images are from archive.

GIF Collection

Added this section since I used some of them when I had a Deviantart subscription (for a limited amount of time, I could create my own journal skin, create boxes that could have a background image and added some gifs to those boxes, a poll, etc.) and took screenshots to capture that moment but uploading them to an image host that ended up shutting down afterwords, I lost all of those screenshots (plus a lot of images from my other sites and other images). These are very old as they where added as links in a secret page back when MB used to be MPS. I moved that page to MB sometime after it's move to Neocities. This section is kind of a dedication to the gifs that where on DA back then and so that the other gifs don't have to stay as links. I no longer collect anymore gif so no new ones will be added. All of them are from only a handfull of my favorite shows.