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Penny: The Winged Hamster Chapters

*Chapter 1: Moving*

A moving truck drives across the bridge. A hamster is spotted in a cage inside the truck. "It's too dark in here.. I'm scared.." said the hamster, closing her eyes tightly. The truck stops and a light comes in. "Heke? What's that light?" questioned the hamster. Then a girl walks into the truck and says "Hey Penny! Did you have fun riding in the moving truck?" as she giggles, taking Penny out of her cage. Penny gulps at her owner's question. "Don't even remind me.." A woman walks to the girl. "You can play with Penny after we're done packing, honey." said the women. The girl responds with a sad look on her face. "Alright, mom.." Then faces Penny. "Guess I should put you pack in your cage.. I forgot that mom said I couldn't let you out until we're done moving.. sorry." Puts her back in her cage and slowly leaves. "That's no far! I wanna get out now! I hate this stupid cage.. I'm even tried of being a pet hamster! Why do I still have to stay in here when we're moving.. I can protect myself! I really want to escape from my cage but... I just can't leave my owner, Sydney.." said Penny while hanging on to the bars of her cage. Suddenly a mover picks up the cage and walks into a house, upstairs into a small bedroom. "Where the heck is this guy taking me?!" said Penny gasping. The mover soon puts down the cage into the small bedroom on the floor and leaves. "I'm guessing he's one of the moving people..?"

The scene moves to Hamtaro and Oxnard seen walking pass Kana's house. "Are you serious Oxy?! There's really a new ham-ham that lives by your house?!" Hamtaro said excitedly. "Yep! Kana saw a moving truck this morning and over heard a little girl talking about a hamster!" Oxnard said happily with a smile on his face. "Wow!" said Hamtaro happily. Then the two walk to Sydney's house. "Wonder which room she's in?" said Oxnard looking at the house. "Maybe she's in the little girl's room?" questioned Hamtaro. "Yeah, she probably is owned by the little girl!" said Oxnard smiling. Hamtaro smiles. "Well, what are we waiting for?! Let's go! Bada bada bada!" said Hamtaro running to the house. "Hey! Wait for me! Bada bada bada! 'Wonder how Hamtaro is gonna get in?'" said Oxnard running behind him. Hamtaro gets to the house."Hah ha! There's the drain pipe!" said Hamtaro seeing the pipe. Oxnard sees Hamtaro going into the pipe. "Oh no! Hamtaro!! Wait!" said Oxnard worried about Hamtaro getting stuck in the drain pipe. "Heke? What's wrong Oxnard?" questioned Hamtaro. "Hamtaro, how do you know if there's a hole in the house when you come out of the drain pipe?!" asked Oxnard. "I guess your right... I was just so excited about having a new ham-ham in the neighborhood that I completely forgot how to get in..." said Hamtaro with a sigh.

*Chapter 2: An Unexpected Guest*

Penny starts running around in her cage. "I wanna get out of this cage so badly!! Rrrr... THAT'S IT! No matter what, I'm gonna get out of this cage!" Tries to open the cage door with her paws but it doesn't open. "Great... it won't open.." said Penny sighing while sliding on her stomach. "I'd do anything to get out of this cage..." said Penny. "Anything?" said a voice. "W-who's... who's there..?" said Penny, while quickly standing up and looking around. A male winged hamster appears in front of Penny's cage. "Just your future husband." Says the hamster while winking at her. Penny looks at him with an 'oh boy' look and starts to speak "Seriously! Who are you! What's your name?!" said Penny in a angry tone. "The name my dear is, Mainyu." said the hamster while grinning. "Never heard of you.. so get lost!" said Penny, in a uninterested voice. "Then I guess you don't want to get out of that cage then, huh?" said Mainyu with an evil smile and turning his back to her. "Uhh... yes I do... but I'm not sure if I really want to... you see I'm a pet hamster and I have a love-able owner who loves me and cared for me ever since her parents bought me from the pet store. I do hate always being in this cage though... I want to see the outside world. I just can't take being a pet hamster anymore! I want to be wild and free!" said Penny looking up imaging her life outside the cage. "So, you really want to get out of that cage then?" said Mainyu chuckling. "Well then... Your wish is my command!" He grabs the door with his wing and breaks it off it's hinges. "And now... your mine!" said Mainyu grinning. "What?!" said Penny shocked.

Mainyu quickly grabs Penny from her cage, flies to the window and shocks an opening with his blue lighting which comes out from his body. Flies through the opening and into the air. "Why the heck did you grab me like that?!!" shouted Penny. "I love it when your angry.." said a blushed Mainyu while looking at her. "Where are you taking me.. and how do you break the door off with your wing even though it was locked and how does lightning come out of your body?!" questioned Penny. "You'll see.. and it's none of your business on how I'm able to do unusual things!" said Mainyu. 'Geez.. I was just curious.. Ugh... what's up with this guy..' thought Penny. Thoughts ran through Penny's mind.. she clearly had no idea who this guy was and what he wanted her for, as Mainyu kept flying with Penny in his paws.

Later on Mainyu slowly lands in an open field with a forest of trees all around them and slowly puts her on the ground. "So, this is where you were going to take me to?" said Penny looking around at her surroundings. "What kind of kidnapper are you?! You take me from my cage and now THIS?! You MUST have a good reason for kidnapping me like this!" shouted Penny. "First of all.. I'm not a kidnapper! Second... I love you.." said Mainyu blushing. "You... love... me..? Uhh.. this.. this doesn't make sense! You kidnapped me cause you.. love me?!" said Penny irritated. "Umm... yeah.." said Mainyu feeling like he did something wrong. "WHAT?!! That's IT, I don't know where the heck you took me to but I'm LEAVING!!" shouted Penny. Penny then leaves Mainyu feeling so mad at himself that he kidnapped her just because he loves her. "Wait!! Please don't go!" said Mainyu begging her to stay with him. But she doesn't respond.

*Chapter 3: Ham-Ham Village*

"Why must you walk out on me like this.. I took you away from your cage since you said you where whiling to do anything to get out... but... THIS is what I get for helping you to escape from your prison!?" said Mainyu feeling sad and angry. He's eyes glow blue with anger as he growls. Penny still doesn't respond to him. "Did I just hear someone talking just now..? Nah!" said Penny. Soon she suddenly hears a loud pounding of paws and a loud growl. She keeps hearing it closer.. closer.. and even closer. "Oh dear... what is... that sound...?" she said scared. She then hears a heavy breathing sound behind her. Penny slowly looks behind her to see what it is. She sees an angry black and grey wolf with glowing blue eyes. She screams and runs through the forest trying to escape from the wolf. The raged wolf chases her. Thoughts ran through Penny's mind, how did this wolf get here and why was it chasing her?! From thinking so deeply, she trips on a tree root from the ground and falls. The wolf slowly walks up to her and growls at her. She's so scared that she can't move and soon faints.

She slowly opens her eyes and see's a brown and white female hamster with a bunch of hair on her head and a blue ribbon to keep her hair in place. "Are you alright..?" said the hamster. "I.. think so.. where am I?" asked Penny. "Your at the Ham-Ham Village Hospital. Figured that I needed to take you here since you fainted." said the hamster smiling. "Oh.. thanks." said Penny, looking down. "What's your name anyway?" she asked. "Guess I should have introduced myself first.. but anyway, it's Rebecca. Yours?" said Rebecca. "It's Penny." said Penny. "What happened? All I remember is running away from a wolf and that's about it.." said Penny looking at Rebecca. "Well, I heard someone screaming and decided to see what was going on and before I knew it I saw you there.. fainted. And the wolf, growling at you.. just about to bite you. I jumped from branch to branch and shot arrows at him on his side a couple times with my bow. After that, I picked you up and brought you here. Then later on, you woke up." said Rebecca, feeling proud of herself. "Oh.. so that's what happened.. oh, thank you so much, Rebecca!" said Penny while hugging Rebecca with a smile. "No problem, I was glad to help a hamster in need from Mainyu." said Rebecca smiling.

*Chapter 4: The Start of Penny's Journey*

"Did you say.. Mainyu?! You mean... that wolf who was chasing me was... him?!" said Penny, surprised that the wolf was Mainyu all along. "Yeah.. if you didn't know he's a wolf hamster, which means that he can turn into a wolf." said Rebecca. "Whoa.. how did he turn into a wolf hamster in the first place? Was he born with it?" said Penny surprised. "I'm not sure how but I do know that me and the rest of the villagers here at Ham-Ham Village know quite a good bit about Mainyu since he has been attacking our village in his wolf forum for quite a while.. don't know why though..." said Rebecca looking down. "That's terrible!" said Penny feeling bad for her and the villagers. "Yeah... sniff..." said Rebecca starting to tear up. Penny pats her shoulder for comfort. "But... there's no time to loose! You must leave this village in case he comes here to find you!!" said Rebecca grabbing her paw and helping her out of bed. "I do?! Right now?!! But I just get here..?" said Penny feeling sad about leaving the village. "But I should get back to my owner, Sydney since Mainyu took me away from her! I MUST get back!!" said Penny. "I'll show you the way out of the hospital then..." said Rebecca quietly.

Penny didn't really want to go since she seemed to be safe around Rebecca but she had to. Mainyu would soon kidnap her again and who knows what will happen to her. Rebecca lead Penny out of the hospital and into a damaged village. The sun was setting. Penny was surprised at all of the damage. "Did.. Mainyu really do all of this..?" said Penny. "Yeah.. he did.." said Rebecca looking down. Penny looked down as well and sighed. It wasn't long before Penny left the village. "Good luck on your journey, Penny!" said Rebecca. Penny turned around to see Rebecca waving to her. "Hey Rebecca! Can you come with me?" said Penny. "Sorry... but I can't.. I must protect what's left of Ham-Ham Village!" said Rebecca. 'Dang...' thought Penny. She really didn't want to go on such a long journey alone but she had no other choice.

*Chapter 5: Hunter, The Archer*

Penny walked up a hill. "How the heck can I go on such a long journey alone..?" she said looking up at the sky. "Looks like it's going to be dark soon. Maybe I should take a break? But how can I take a break, knowing that Mainyu is going to kidnap me again?!" said Penny gulping. "Especially knowing that he's secretly a wolf hamster.." said Penny shaking with fear. "Guess I should keep walking then.." said Penny sighing. She walked all night and all day until one day.. "Soo... hungry... need food for... belly.. ugh.." said Penny crawling on her stomach. She soon faints out in the middle of a grassy field. She layed faced down, she couldn't go no further without any food. Penny needed something quick!

The next morning, a young hamster walks along the grassy field. His fur was very fluffy and soft, it was orange from his head to the bottom of his eyes and to the bottom of his mouth. The rest of his fur was white and he had.. a tail? An orange wolf like tail to be exact! He carried a bow and an arrow strapped case on his back with a small paper bag of sunflower seeds tied around the arrow case, as they dangled as he walked. He spotted a helpless Penny still laying in the same position. "Are you alright, miss?" said the hamster. She didn't respond. He turned her over to the other side, laying on her back. "Are you alright, miss?" he repeated. Penny opened her eyes. "No.. since I was so stupid by not remembering to bring food, now I feel so... weak.." said Penny grumpy. "Oh! I remembered mine! They're sunflower seeds, you may have some if you like. I don't mind since I brought a bag full." said the hamster while taking his belongings off his back and layed them beside him and untied the bag of seeds from the arrow case and held them up to her. "Oh, yes... please.." said Penny weakly. He puts his paw into the bag and takes a paw full of seeds, as he held them out with his two paws as Penny took one at a time. Breaking the shell with her teeth and putting it in her mouth.

As she keeps eating the sunflower seeds while sitting down, her weakness turns into strength and all the seeds from the kind hamster's paws where gone. "Ahh.. thank you so much! I was so hungry that I couldn't take another step!" said Penny as she stood up. "Your welcome, miss." said the hamster as he smiled at her while sitting down. "So.. what's your name?" asked Penny. "Whoops, I should have introduced myself.. I'm Hunter, the archer!" said the hamster as he blushed on his first sentence. "Hunter, the archer, huh? Well then.. I'm Penny, the pet hamster!" said Penny giggling. "Ah, what a lovely name." said Hunter smiling. "Ooh.. my name isn't lovely.. haha. It's just the name of a coin." said Penny laughing. "What is a pet hamster like yourself doing here?" asked Hunter. Penny was too memorized at his fluffy orange tail. "Uh.. Penny..?" said Hunter. "HUH?! Oh! Sorry about that.. I'm on a stupid journey (alone) to escape from some jerk named Mainyu.." said Penny surprised and then grumpy. "Mainyu.. he's going to pay... BIG TIME!" said Hunter quietly and then shouting. "S-so.. you k-know him..?" said Penny wide eyed and gulping. "Oh! I am so sorry Penny.. I didn't mean to shout at you..." said Hunter sadly. "Yes, I know him... cause he gave me this..." said Hunter turning around, showing his wolf like tail to her.

*Chapter 6: Another Wolf Hamster?!*

"WHA?! HE GAVE YOU T-THAT WOLF TAIL?!" shouted Penny surprisingly. Hunter nodded slowly and sighed. "Oh my... s-so.. you must be a... wolf hamster..?" said Penny as she gulped. "I'm afraid so.. it all started the last time I battled Mainyu. I was holding out my bow and arrow ready to aim at him when he suddenly bit my right side, it left a bad bruise and when a wolf hamster bites you... you turn into one yourself.... " said Hunter sighing. "So since he bit you, you turned into a wolf hamster?!" said Penny surprised. "Yeah...." he said as she put his head down low. "Do all wolf hamster's get a wolf tail, replacing their hamster one?" questioned Penny. "No.. only I did, at least that's what I'm certain off. It's true that some wolf hamster's can have a wolf tail, ears, snout, and even paws but that's only at what I read." said Hunter. "Whoa.. so, there's a book about them.. hmm... When do wolf hamster's turn into wolves in the first place?" said Penny. "That's a good question and I'm lucky that I know it. I also read about this part too; there's five ways a wolf hamster can transform. First there is one at night time even without a moon, then there is this one; for example, let's say it's a full moon night and there's a wolf hamster and he/she turns into a wolf on that night because it transforms on the night of a full moon. Then there's nights of a crescent moon, first quarter moon and last quarter moon." explained Hunter.

"Wow! So, transforming on the shapes of the moon or at night time... that's neat!" said Penny smiling. "It's... neat..? How?" questioned Hunter. "Yeah! I just love night time! The shapes of the moon and the twinkling stars!" said Penny thinking about the subject. "That doesn't really explain my question..." sighed Hunter. "Oh.. sorry. What I mean is that nights are so lovely to transform into a wolf.. ahh.." said Penny dreaming about it. "Humph.. oh, yeah your loving the thought of it now but once you ARE a wolf hamster you COMPLETELY change your mind about it!" said Hunter disagreeing with Penny. "Gulp.. I-I didn't that know being one was that terrible... I'm sorry.." said Penny lowering her head. "Sigh.. I hate this anger of mine... I had it since that last battle with Mainyu. I think becoming one makes you have a nasty anger and if it flares up my anger transforms me even if it isn't my time to." sighed Hunter. "Oh dear... that is terrible! So what time do you turn into a wolf?" asked Penny. "Yeah, it is and that's not one of the terrible things about being a wolf hamster. I transform on the last quarter of the moon." said Hunter. "Hmm, when's that?" asked Penny again. "If my calculations are correct, I seen a first quarter in about a week so it wouldn't appear in about two weeks." said Hunter. "I see.. what about Mainyu when does he turn into a wolf?" questioned Penny. "When his anger flares up so much that he transforms like me sadly.. and on a full moon and that's in about... a week." explained Hunter in a gulp. 'No wonder Mainyu turned into a wolf that night!' thought Penny.

*Chapter 7: Mainyu Strikes Again!*

"Oh.. gulp and I bet he's gonna damage Ham-Ham Village again..." said Penny sadly. "What is so great about Ham-Ham Village that he damages it?" asked Penny. "He wants a powerful item called the crescent stone, that can turn a wolf hamster back to normal. I was searching for it myself but it isn't easy.." said Hunter in a sigh. "Wow! There really is such a thing?! But if you couldn't find it then.. maybe it isn't in the village." said Penny surprised. "I-it isn't in the Village?! But I was so sure that it was since it said it in the book about wolf hamsters even though it was written long ago.." said Hunter sadly. "That's it! Since it was written long ago maybe just maybe it got moved to another location!" said Penny excitedly. "YOUR RIGHT! Maybe someone at the Ham-Ham Village knows where it's location is! We must go there! Right now!" said Hunter excitedly as he got up. "R-right now? B-but I'm suppose to travel AWAY from the village not TO it!" shouted Penny. "What for?" said Hunter. "To get AWAY from MAINYU! That's what Rebecca told me!" shouted Penny. "Oohh.. Rebecca... her name is even more lovely than your name.." said Hunter with hearts in his eyes. "You.. love... Rebecca?!" said Penny surprised. "Yeah.. that's what made me become an archer in the first place.. I was so inspired by her archery that I became one also. Ahh.. BUT that's not important right now! I've just got to find that stone so I can be normal again!" said Hunter snapping out of his love daze. "Your not getting the crescent stone.. cause I will." said an unknown voice.

"Huh? Oh, said that..?" asked Hunter. "I don't know.. but it sounds like.." said Penny trailing off. Suddenly Mainyu lands in front of him. "You!" said Hunter before getting his bow and arrow strapped case. "Oh, Hunter.. you can't possibly use a bow and arrow at this rate." said Mainyu. "W-what do you mean..?" asked Hunter worried. "Your time is here.." said Mainyu looking at the sky. A last quarter moon showed up and Hunter started to glow green, beginning his transformation. "See.. I told you it was your time. Hehehe.." said Mainyu. "What? But I thought it wouldn't show in two weeks?! Why now?!" said Hunter worried and confused. "You thought wrong! Hahaha!" said Mainyu. "Now I can have Penny all to myself!" said Mainyu flying over to Penny and capturing her. "Oh great..." said Penny while Mainyu grabbed her. "Not this again... you KNOW this is getting ANNOYING!" said Penny bored and angry. Mainyu didn't respond and just flew away from Hunter the wolf.

*Chapter 8: Hunter VS Mainyu*

Hunter had turned into a wolf and was filled with rage, how dare he kidnaps Penny! His eyes glowed green to show his rage. He chased after Mainyu, he wanted to tackle him to the ground. Soon Hunter was almost catching up to him. "Hunter!" shouted Penny happily. "Hm?" said Mainyu looking behind him. Hunter ran faster with his paws pounding hard against the ground. He jumped above them and grabbed Penny's ear with his lips [If he grabbed her with his teeth, that would consider biting her] and landed in front of Mainyu and dropped her down slowly. "Thank you, Hunter." said Penny as she smiled at him. Hunter smiled back and turned his head towards Mainyu, growling at him. "Since I'm a Wolf Hamster too, I can clearly see that you want to fight me? Alright then, let's battle!" said Mainyu as he flew up. "But I'm not going to be easy on you.. and to make it interesting, whoever wins gets to keep Penny all to himself!" snickered Mainyu. His 'devil' like tail sparkled blue lightning and shot a strike of lightning at Hunter and Penny but luckily Hunter dodged his attack. But poor Penny didn't, she got zapped as she screamed in pain, Mainyu was shocked at this as he striked his lightning at Hunter in a different direction.

"I'm okay.. uhh.." said Penny with her fur spiked from the lightning as she fainted. Hunter dodged his attack again and jumped beside the fainted Penny, he whimpered. 'I'm so sorry... it's all my fault..' thought Hunter. Since he stood there beside Penny, he got zapped by Mainyu but this time he shocked all of his lightning on Hunter, being his target. Hunter howled in pain as the lightning scared him all over his body, especially his left back leg and his left front leg. Mainyu's lightning soon ran out, he tried striking his lightning at him again but nothing happened. He happened to use all of his lightning and grew weak. "This will be a tie.. until I... return... for a rematch.." said Mainyu as he slowly flew away. Hunter layed on his side close to Penny. He couldn't possibly be able to walk with two bad paws. They had cuts from the lightning as his bolts where surprisingly able to cut. 'He's going to pay for this.. how am I gonna walk like this? The cuts are on my legs and under my paws... I'll have to wait til morning to get up..' thought Hunter as he fainted from so much electric sparkling through his body.

*Chapter 9: To The Hospital*

It was soon morning; Penny woke up first, she sat up and stretched herself with her paws in the air. "Whoa.. what happened..?" said Penny as she rubbed her eyes. She looked over at Hunter, he was bruised badly, the last quarter moon night was over so he returned to normal. "What happened to you?!" said Penny terrified. Hunter opened his eyes slowly by her loud voice. "I got shocked.. that's all..." said Hunter weakly. "Then how the heck did you get all of those CUTS?!" said Penny, still terrified. "Mainyu's lightning bolts are so sharp that it cuts you... " said Hunter weakly. "Holy crap! H-how is i-it possible to get cut and being shocked at the same time?!" said Penny terrified again. "Not sure.. he's just like that." said Hunter weakly. "Well, can you get up?" asked Penny. "I have cuts under my left foot and my left paw... but with your help I probably could.." said Hunter weakly. "Oh dear! Sure, what can I do?" asked Penny. "Get some bandages.. in my arrow case." said Hunter weakly.

Penny goes to his arrow case and grabs some bandages and wraps his bruised foot and paw. "There we go! Can you get up?" asked Penny. "I'll.. try.." answered Hunter. He slowly got up with his paws but he grunted in pain from his left paw and fell back down. "You can't even stand up.. and I'm sure you won't be able to walk either.. at least not by yourself. So, I'll help you!" she said with a smile. Penny walked behind the confuse Hunter and puts her arm around his left shoulder. [Or where the shoulder should be] "Wait! What are you doing?!" asked a blushed Hunter. "I'm helping you stand up silly?" she said with a giggle. "Oh.." he simply said in embarrassment. He did as he was told to and got up with his wounded foot behind him in the air. "Now I'm talking you to the Ham-Ham Village hospital!" Penny said proudly. "What?! But I thought Rebecca didn't want you to go?" asked Hunter in surprise."I know I SHOULDN'T but your hurt so badly that you can't even stand without my help! I don't care if Mainyu captures me again! There's NO WAY I'm letting you go on like this!" she shouted. "Thanks.. I appreciate it." he said with a small smile. Penny grabbed Hunter's belongings with her free paw and they started the walk to the the village.

They walked like this for a few days since the village was pretty far but they finally arrived at the entrance and spot a surprised Rebecca about to leave. "Hey, Rebecca!" said a happy Penny. All Hunter could do was stare at Rebecca in shock, tears formed in his eyes, it's been so long since he last seen her. "Hey.." responded Rebecca softly as she slowly continued to walk out of the village past Penny and Hunter, with her head lowed and tears running down her sad face. Penny turned her head back to see her. "I wonder what's wrong... I've never seen her so sad.." said Penny. Hunter turned his head back at Rebecca as well. "I know why.. it's because of me..." said Hunter lowering his head. "Huh?! What do you mean?" asked Penny. "I could tell you what happened but.. that memory always breaks my heart..." said Hunter. "Oh.. alright. Well, I better take you to the hospital." said Penny as she and Hunter started to walk to the hospital. They walked in silence, Penny knew that something terrible happened to Hunter and Rebecca but she didn't know what it actually was, could it be because of Hunter being a wolf hamster?

*Chapter 10: Memories*

Rebecca stopped and looked back at the two hamsters, she wanted to be with Hunter again so much but she knew that he changed and that change made her afraid of him. But she couldn't wait any longer, if she just continued on without him there may not be another chance. She followed them both slowly to the hospital, trying not to be seen by him.

In the hospital, Hunter layed down in a bed with his left paw and left foot, both in a white cast and the rest of his body in bandages. Him and Penny where in a room in the hospital. He stared at the ceiling with a frown as he thought of the times he had with Rebecca while Penny sat in a chair beside his bed. The room was silent for a while except the noises outside of the room. Hunter spoke up and broke the silence. "Penny.. could you do a favor for me...?" Penny looked up at him. "What kind of favor?" asked Penny. "Could you please retrieve the crescent stone for me..? I need to get back to normal.. Ever since I became a wolf hamster, I've always been alone.. I try to get back to the life I used to have where I had many friends but... they all abandoned me.. no one ever wants to be with me anymore... and it's probably because I'm half wolf.." said Hunter tearing up. "But how can I retrieve the stone if I don't know where it is..?" asked Penny. "I know you don't.. no one does... I could get it myself but look at me Penny, thanks to that jerk I'm in a hospital! And I can't leave this stupid bed until my wounds are healed! Even if you don't know where the heck that stone is, your the only one who can get it for me so I can escape this lonely life!" shouted Hunter.

She saw Hunter getting mad before but nothing like this. She was afraid of this side of him but she knew it was because of him being a wolf hamster. "Umm.. H-Hunter... could you please.. calm down." said Penny as she shook in fear. "Great my anger kicked in... sigh.. just what I need.. I'm so blinded by my anger that I don't even know I'm feeling it. Sorry Penny.. but you know how it is.. thanks for stopping me though, if my anger turned into rage then it would be impossible to control." said Hunter. "Gulp.. Oh, it's alright.. I guess I have no choice but to find the crescent stone for you. And I thought being a wolf hamster was neat.. meh.. but now I see how much you need it, even if I can't find it I'll at least try to." said Penny. "Really? Thank you so much, Penny!" said Hunter with a smile. "Your welcome! I'll try my best!" said Penny as she smiled.

She walked out of Hunter's room and was about to walk out of the hospital until she saw Rebecca outside near Hunter's room. "I know I wasn't suppose to come back but.." said Penny trailing off. "It's alright, I know you came back for a good reason which I'm glad you did since your helping out an old friend of mine.. sigh" said Rebecca. "Oh, that's good. I thought you'd get mad at me for that.. wait, you and Hunter used to be friends?! But why aren't you friends with him anymore? Is it because of him being a wolf hamster?" asked Penny. "Yes.. and it's not because of him just being a wolf hamster but it's something that happened when he transformed into a wolf.." said Rebecca. "Oh.. what happened?" asked Penny. "It all started on the night of a last quarter moon. We where aiming our arrows at Mainyu in his wolf form but none of us were able to attack him since he kept dodging them. Then Hunter made a wrong move and got too close to him to get a better aim but then Mainyu bit him which made him transform into a wolf. He was filled with so much rage at what happen to him that he came after me.. even though I didn't cause him to transform. I heard that when wolf hamsters are transformed and are in rage, they chase after their loved ones... That chase got me so scared of Hunter that it separated us.. and we even used to be good friends but now our friendship is gone... all because of Mainyu. Which is why I still attack him to this very day, to get my revenge on what he did to Hunter!" said Rebecca tearing up.

"So, that's what happened... I did ask Hunter if he could tell me the story of why you where so sad but he said that memory always breaks his heart.. it's no wonder it breaks him." said Penny also tearing up. "H-He said that..?" responded Rebecca crying. "Yeah, he misses you, Rebecca. Deeply.. I can tell. And you feel the same way too, don't you." said Penny. "Yes, I do miss him but I fear him as well. I'd love to see him again but I just can't.. not until he returns to normal." responded Rebecca. "Then I'll defiantly have to find the crescent stone now since your story has got me so pumped up to find it! But I don't know where it's location is.." said Penny. "There's this blind old woman who knows the stone's location but she just won't give the information to anyone. To be able to find it, the reason must be from the heart, only then she will tell you the location." said Rebecca. "Yay! Now I can help you two get back together! And you'll be able to come with me to retrieve it, right?!" said Penny filled with joy. "Sorry, I can't.. I must stay here to protect-" said Rebecca trailing off. "To protect Mainyu from the village... I get it.." said Penny, interrupting Rebecca. "I'll just have to go by myself... AGAIN!" said Penny stomping out of the hospital. Outside of the hospital: "Now.. where is that old woman?!" questioned Penny.

Chapter 11 - 16