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Melon's Blog :D Which is formally known as Melon's Personal Site or MPS for short. Now it has a new name :3 I decided to make a blog, plus make a home for most of my stories that where on Melon's Stories, the mini site that used to connect with MPS. Not only is this site a place to make my stories still read-able but I decided to make a blog in the first place is so that I can add any announcements that I'd like to make or need to make (when a problem happens) since Legendary Birds had an issue recently, one that makes it hard to announce to the visitors (especially when there's more than a little to explain). Instead of announcing upcoming site updates in a blog, the Updated Site Status will say 'Update Coming Soon' instead by which site will have one. This started to take effect on 6/1/21 as an edit in the 'LB, MI & SHH are Down.. (Fixed)' blog entry. Because of this, like MPS, MB will also be connecting to my active sites.

Updated Site Status
What is this? This little list tells the viewers on which site/s have been updated recently and if they aren't, tells when the site was last updated. And when an update is coming soon.

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak: Updated on Feb 2022
Legendary Birds: Updated on Sept 2022
Melon's Island: Updated on Oct 2022

Blog Entries

Quick Links: Melon's Island is on Hold & MB Update l What Happened to Ham-Ham Heartbreak? lMB Gets an Update! l Annoucements l Guide to Byehost l Accounts Suspended Again D: (Fixed) l LB, MI & SHH are Down.. (Fixed) l Third Entry: Moved l Second Entry: New Layout l First Entry: Legendary Birds Problem

EDIT: Another Update for MB

Tuesday - Nov 8, 2022

Monday - April 24, 2023: I decided to try editing this entry in order to add an update for today. Though a few updates that weren't announced where added back in February, I think o.o since I thought I was gonna add more later on but I forgot about it ^^; so even though it's April now and I made more updates (including a big amount that was hidden for months) today it's time to announce the ones that were added to Melon's Blog and the ones that didn't get added to MB.

  • Random Stuff: A complete revamp of my Current/Past Pokemon Parties and I included two more games; Let's GO Pikachu! and Scarlet. I also added two more paragraphs (one that's connected to the old one), added some notes that connects to the revamped parties, added quick links for each generation, and added a new note that's at the bottom of that section since I added the same Pokes to parties multiple times. Add a new section; Stamp Collection. Added two new additions to Toybox that are from Stareon's Hideout (the adoptables are linked to that site). Added GIF Collection in a new page and is being shown on Random Stuff through an iframe, just like with Stamp Collection since it took some time to load all of them.
  • Wolf Hamster: Recolored the Symbol Guides for both versions (since the new tables that make up my Pokemon parties are better looking). For the characters in the remake, I removed Height from everyone's profile and removed Crush from Skyler's and The Hunter's since I plan for them to not have one and it might stay that way. But I added new info; Home, Relatives, First Appearance, and Appears In (note that not everyone's gonna have info for these and not all of them are gonna appear). I added a note on how I won't include birthdays for the characters in the remake that's at the top of the characters section. I also added a new character; Benjamin since Chapter 5 is up, along with Ch 4. Both chapters are in one page and with these chapters added I add some info about each one, just like I did with Ch 1 - 3. As a bonus, I'll tell you that Ch 6 is done or almost done (it depends on if I want to add some of it to Ch 7 or not) and features three new characters :D
  • Penny: Winged Hamster: Just like with Wolf Hamster, I recolored the Symbol Guides for both versions and I also did it for the same reason. I also removed 'image coming soon' image and replaced it with Sorry, this profile image is not available.
  • Icy's Nightmare: Just like with my other two stories, I recolored the Symbol Guides for both versions and I also did it for the same reason. Just like with Penny: Winged Hamster, I also removed 'image coming soon' image and replaced it with Sorry, this profile image is not available.
  • Replaced old 'hosted by Neocities' button with a new one that's in the navigation. I also added that in progress shrine that I talked about on the last update, which is.. Lucifer (the TV show, haha)! Just like with my first shrine it's also not complete. Until I complete the ones that are already up, I'll create one of those two other shrines that I plan on making since I rather do that.


Which is the last one for this year. I actually added most of the updates 4 days ago (the 5th) and the rest where added today. Didn't want to make an annoucement on the 5th since I wasn't done with this update until today.

  • Added an account editing notice to this page, that's above Updated Site Status.
  • *Added the Symbol Guide in a table for Penny: Winged Hamster.
  • *On Wolf Hamster I also added the Symbol Guide in a table for the original.
  • Added a GIF Collection, quick links to the sections, two new sets of adopts to Toybox, 4 new adopts to an existing set (in the past I've actually updated that section without mentioning what I updated but at least I'm annoucing the latest additions) in Random Stuff.
  • Added my Neocities profile link that's in a new area that's above the navi.
  • Updated LB and MI sections in Extras, added more in LB though since I added some new things that deals with the Legendary Birds came/was annouced this month and last month
  • My first shrine is added to the navigation; Helios/Pegasus Shrine. He's a character from Sailor Moon and appears in the manga and in the anime (also appeared in an app game called Sailor Moon Drops but that was removed and I never got to play it D: I tried looking for it so I could play it but couldn't find it..). I created it last year in October and it's gotten too big to be a shrine (or it can be a big shrine XD). Another shrine is also in progress and I have plans for two more.

*Even though I called it Symbol Guide, it actually used to be called Symbol Menu but guide sounds better.

This entry is very small so I might add more updates here as an edit when MB gets updated again.