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Icy's Nightmare

Added Date: *Oct 12, 2015
Rating: A (For Anyone)
Genres: Adventure, Horror, and Comedy

Is a Penguins of Madagascar fan-fic that stars a young female penguin named Icy, who is my OC (Original Character) and my form which is basically myself if I ever lived in The Penguins of Madagascar world. She leaves Antarctica and goes on an adventure and ends up in New York City were she meets four mysterious penguins. At the same time Icy suffers with nightmares that has something to do with these four mysterious penguins, ever since she winded up in the big city.

A penguin named Icy travels from her home in Antarctica and ends up in New York City. While in the city she starts having a nightmare before meeting four mysterious penguins. She soon finds out that her nightmares are coming true and that it has something to do with her and the four penguins. Year Created: 2012

*It was added to Melon's Stories when MPS was around and never had a mini site unlike the other two since that idea was discarded and MS became the new home for my stories. Though like the mini sites, it connected to MPS but despite the fact that it was small, the mini sites where even smaller. For months only the trailer was up.


One day I thought of making a trailer for Icy's Nightmare, which is something I've never done with any of my stories. I thought of making this trailer to get me started on typing it. Since this is only a trailer and not the whole story, it isn't complete and ready to be read but once it is I will update this page :D Note that it's in script form because it's a trailer but the story itself will not be. Created on July 2, 2012. Enjoy! :D

Icy: What if you had a nightmare..? A nightmare that keeps appearing every time you go to sleep.. a nightmare that would soon turn out to be real..

Icy: Oh my gosh.. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! [after seeing a guy being knocked out by Rico]

Skipper: That's.. uhh.. Classified.

Icy: AHHHHH! [while falling down into a tunnel] Oof! [lands in the Penguin HQ and gets up] What is this place?

Private: Welcome to our HQ!

Icy: [while talking to Private one night] I keep having these nightmares.. ones that are the same except in different parts.. I even got this strange object from it.. [while looking down at the dream stone around her neck]

Icy: Why don't you believe me?! I know it's strange to me to! But I'm telling the truth! [talking to the Penguins who don't believe her nightmares are real]

Icy: Who are you..? [outside in the park, meeting Zack for the first time]

Zack: The Legend of the Green Moon is approaching... and your the chosen one, who will stop it!

Icy: Me?!! But.. I'm just one penguin! What can I do that somebody else can't?!

Zack: [looks at the stone around her neck] The stone.. only the chosen one has the dream stone that your wearing. So, your the one who will save the penguin race from the Legend.. it's your destiny that you must fulfill!

Icy's Nightmare! Coming Soon!

Inspired by The Penguins of Madagascar's 2010 Halloween commercial and the song Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold.

~ Soundtrack Songs ~
Tuesday Knight - Running From This Nightmare
Breaking Benjamin - Better Days
Disturbed - Living After Midnight
Chevelle - The Red
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
Adema - Do You Hear Me
Manga - Fly to Stay Alive
Pop Evil - Monster You Made Me
Seven Wiser - Sick

Songs inspired to create scenes in the story or songs that seem to fit with it.

Hidden Bonus

Below in a drop down coding that can only be shown by clicking 'Zack's Past' since it contains spoilers to what I didn't get to add in Icy's Nightmare. This is a small prologue that features Zack who is suppose to meet Icy later on, though I haven't typed that far ahead in the story. It also features more info on Dyson, the story's villain since Zack met him before meeting Icy. Since this is old, I might discard at least some of this if I really do add more to the fan-fic. Made on 5/14/16.

Zack's Past 🔽


I drew this picture of Icy back in 2013 as a new and improved version but I didn't get around to drawing my other characters that haven't appeared in the story yet since I stopped typing it before they appeared. I probably won't draw them. Since Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico, etc. aren't my characters I won't add them to the list, besides I'm sure the fans of The Penguins of Madagascar know about the characters that are in that show. Note that all the character's profiles, besides Icy's, have spoilers about future events of this story.

Name: Icy
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Penguin
Height: Same as Private
Crush: Skipper

Icy is a small female penguin who ends up having mysterious nightmares which started to happen the second day in New York, Manhattan. She used to live in Antarctica but thought living their was dull and boring. She traveled to New York by walking and taking many boats. She is the kind of penguin that appreciates more of a scenery than a huge frozen island with freezing water, instead she likes a type of scenery that has a bright beautiful sky, a shining sun, and something that Antarctica doesn't have; green grass. During the beginning of Icy's stay at the big apple, she ends up living inside a trash can that is located within an alley. Icy has a big dislike with humans since she was grabbed by them a few times. She wears a sky blue scarf with dark blue stars that was given to her as a gift from her mother. Icy wears it all the time even when she's swimming since it makes her unique, instead of looking the same which she doesn't like. Ever since Rico knocked out a snow cone sales man while she watched, Icy became very curious of them and decides to follow them when the four elite penguin team goes back to their home. Eventually she gets to stay at their HQ, despite a annoyed Skipper who isn't friendly to Icy unlike the others.

Sorry, this profile image is not available.

Name: Alva
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Height: N/A
Crush: None
Species: Penguin
Feather Color: White

Alva is a albino penguin which means that she's completely white, even her name means white in another language. Not sure which one though just ended up finding the name in a name meaning book. She comes to Icy in one of her dreams, in that dream she gives her a beautiful light pink stone called The Dream Stone which means that she's know as The Chosen One aka the one that will defeat a legend since the nightmare she had in the beginning of the story was a vision of her future and only The Chosen One will end up having a nightmare like this.

Sorry, this profile image is not available.

Name: Zack
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Dark Green
Height: N/A
Crush: None
Species: Penguin
Feather Colors: Black and White

Zack is a mysterious penguin who ends up finding Icy after she runs away from HQ since The Penguins don't believe her nightmares are real, though Private believes her. He tells Icy about a legend called The Legend of the Green Moon and that she is the one to stop it since she wears The Dream Stone around her neck, underneath her scarf. This legend Zack speaks of will doom the penguin race if The Chosen One doesn't stop it and since Icy's the recent chosen one, it's her destiny, one that she must fulfill.

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Name: Dyson
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Dark Red
Height: N/A
Crush: None
Species: Penguin
Feather Colors: Black and Grey

Dyson is the story's villain who plains to put the penguin race under his control and uses The Legend of the Green Moon in order to force them to cause chaos for the humans of New York. His issues with the humans of the big apple is a mystery but it is known that he hates them. He's an inventor like Dr. Blowhole, who builds inventions to suit his needs only. Dyson owns a hidden laboratory that is located somewhere in Central Park. Like Zack, Dyson is a mysterious penguin as well.


Note that this fan-fic is incomplete so only 5 chapters are complete. There's also an incomplete Chapter 6 and a few short paragraphs about it's continuation.

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