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Icy's Nightmare Chapters

~ Chapter 1: The Nightmare ~

A small female penguin runs away in fear in a pitch black unknown area. She trips on her own foot and falls not knowing that the four mysterious black creatures flying above her with red glowing eyes are close. She looks back in terror, too afraid to get up. The creatures fly closer and closer to her until..

"AHHHHHHH!!" The female penguin that was in the unknown area screams, waking up in a trash can and starts breathing heavy but calms herself down. "Oh.. it was just a nightmare... I thought it was real. But since nightmares can't harm me, I'm alright." Her stomach starts to growl. "Man.. am I hungry... Well, it's time for breakfast." She gets up and pushes the trash can, trying to tip it over. Grunting while trying to. "It wouldn't budge.. then I'll just have to do this!" The penguin jumps at the can with all her might and tips it over with a loud crash as the trash can lid and trash comes falling down with her landing on her stomach. "Ooff, well.. that worked..." She gets up and shakes the trash off.

Hi there, I'm Icy, a female penguin from Antartica. I used to live there but now I live in an alley in a trash can in New York, Manhattan. I know I don't have the best place to live but back at home, it was so boring and dull but this place is more of my style. Bright beautiful sky, the bright sun, the green grass.. even though New York doesn't have much of that. I still enjoy it's city like sights. Except the humans of course... I'm defiantly not comfortable with them. Especially if they grab me... which happened a few times since I got here yesterday.

I was on my way to a fish market through the big city until someone just HAD to grab me... An adult man with brown hair. "Aww, what a cute little penguin! And look your even wearing a scaft, how adorable!" I struggled to escape from the man's grasp but can't. Instead, I opened my beak and chomped at his nose. "OW! That hurt!" The man let me go to rub his chomped nose in pain. It's true, I do wear a scarf, a blue scarf with light blue stars. While I noticed a park, [the Central Park to be correct]. "Wow! What a beautiful park!" I waddled in happily and went exploring. Thinking that this would be a good place to live at, I noticed a few humans. "What?! Humans are here, too?! How am I even going to find a beautiful place like this where their aren't any HUMANS?!" I suddenly heard someone. "Boys, pretty soon those snow cones will be ours."

~ Chapter 2: The Four Mysterious Penguins ~

"Snow cones..?" I questioned as I quickly waddled to the voice. Once I get there, to my surprise. This man [the snow cone sales man] makes a woozy face and then falls down. Seeing a male penguin with a feather crest that appears to be a mohawk, who is standing on his back. Three more male penguins come out from the trees. "Good work, Rico!" said the one with a flat head. "Oh my gosh.. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!" All of their eyes where on her. "Well... this is.. unexpected..." said the flat head.
"Please, oh please tell me how you knocked out that human!"
"That's.. uhh.. classified."
"Class.. i.. fied...? What the heck does that mean?!"
"I'm saying that it's top secret."
"Ooh.. Pleeeease, oh pleeeease tell me!"
He looked at her with an angry look. "Come on, boys. The snow cones await!" He said as he waddled over to the snow cone stand and jumped while doing a flip into the air, landing on the snow cone cart and grabbed one.
Soon the other three joined him, jumping onto the cart the same way.
'So.. he's just... going to ignore me... huh? We'll see about that!'
Icy waddled over to the stand and looked up at them. "Soo.. what are you eating?" She said with her flippers behind her back. "We're eating yummy snow cones!" said the youngest one.
"Ah! So, THATS what a snow cone is! May I have one?"
"Sorry.. but there where only four left..."
"But I'm sure next time there will be enough for you! Even though you'll have to wait until next Friday... That's when they come here!"
"Oh, alright! But will I be allowed to come along?"
"Not sure, I'll have to ask, Skippah. We are allowed to bring her along, right Skippah?"
"How do you know she's friendly, Private... for all we know she could be a spy sent by Dr. Blowhole!"
"A spy?! Sent by Dr... what now?"
"See, Skippah, she doesn't even know him.. you don't know him, right?"
"Right. And I'm not a spy!"
"She could be lying to us. That IS what spies do!"
"I promise I'm not lying to you. I'm really NOT a spy!"
"I still don't believe you.."

It didn't matter what I said. He still didn't believe me. It wasn't long before they jumped off the.. uh.. snow cone thingy [cart] and started heading west. I was still determined to reason with the guy even if he did think I was a spy. I soon started another conversation.
"Soo, where are you guys heading off to?"
Private turned around and looked at me.
"The Central Park Zoo of course, that's where we live."
He said happily but Skipper slapped him on the head which appeared to hurt.
Then the tallest one started to speak.
"Oh, Skipper. She's not bothering us. In fact, it doesn't look like she belongs in the park."
He didn't speak but looked at him angry.
"Your right, I don't! Sooo, will it be alright if I stay... at your place..?" I said, hoping they will accept me.
"Can she, Skippah? Please, I'm sure she won't be a bother."
Silence roused up for a while at the park as everyone, especially me wondered what Skipper's reply would be.
"Sorry, Private but we don't have any room for a female."
The youngest one named Private and the tallest one both had disappointed looks but I didn't get to check the look of the one with the feather do. They turned away from me and headed for what I guess was their home. My heart started to break.
'I can't live with them because... I'm a female..?'

I sat down in sorrow as I watched them waddle further and further away... Soon an idea struck through my head and I decided to follow them. But not too close, in case you know who stops me. I hid behind tree, after tree. Gaining up to them and soon noticed that they suddenly disappeared behind a bush. I was confused but waddled behind the bush as well only to fall through an unsuspected hole in the ground and kept falling until I landed in a tunnel and started sliding down it like a slide. I kept sliding and sliding on my back, screaming my feathers off.

~ Chapter 3: The Penguin's Headquarters ~

"AHHHHH!" I was still screaming my feathers off and flew out of what looked like a door and landed in an unknown place.
"Oof!" I got myself up after the rough landing and looked at my new surroundings. It was so amazing, four beds where located into the wall, there was a table, another door, but the rest where things I couldn't figure out. I only knew a few.
"What is this place?" I questioned out loud. I suddenly heard someone coming, I didn't know what to do so I just stood there and looked at where the sound was coming from. That was over to my left as a penguin came out of a hole in the ceiling and climbed down. But it wasn't just any penguin as he hopped off and looked at me. It was in fact none other than Private!

"What are you doing here?!"
"Sorry for coming in expectantly but.. I went down this hole and fell through a sliding tunnel and ended up here."
"Oh! You know, that's the same tunnel we take to get here after we're done at the park."
"Really? So, what is this place anyways?" I said looking around once more. He smiled happily at me.
"This is where we live! Welcome to our HQ!"
"Wow, cool! But what's an HQ?"
"Our Headquarters but HQ is a shorter word for it."
"Oh!" Then someone else came in through the same entrance that Private took.
"Private, how long does it take to get my binoculars?" said Skipper.
It wasn't long before he stopped and looked at me with an oh great look.
"No.. not you again!" I couldn't help but let out a little giggle. The look on his face and the way he said it was funny to me.
"Yes, me!" I couldn't help but form a wide grin across my beak.
"Why do you keep popping up all the time?! Can't you just leave us alone for once!"
His first sentence made my giggle even more than last time but that giggle didn't live long.
"What's the big deal? All I want is a place to stay until I return to Antartica!"
"Antartica?!" Both Skipper and Private said at the same time with shocked looks.
"What? All I said was.."
"Yeah, I already know what you said.. but you came here.. all the way from Antartica..?!" said Skipper still in shock.
"How did you even get all the way here?!" said Private.
"I walked.. ?" That's when the other two came in.
"Kowalski, is it possible for a penguin to travel from Antartica to New York?" Skipper said to the tallest one.
"Let's see..." Out of no where he got out some thingy with red beads [his abacus] and started moving them as he mumbled quietly to himself. "There is a 35% chance but it's mostly impossible. Why do you ask?"
"Because SHE says that she came here from Antartica.. but I don't believe her."
"You don't believe anything!" I accidentally bursted out in anger.
They all just looked at me until Kowalski spoke.
"Well, she IS here.. So, I believe her."
"Yay! Thank you!" I felt so happy that I just wanted to give him a friendly thank you hug but I was too shy to..
"Well, even if it IS possible. She should still leave even though I have no idea how she could find out one of our secret tunnels!"
"There's more?!" I burst out, this time in surprise.
"Ah, huh!" Grunted Rico.
"Wow! So, is staying here a yes... or a no?"
"I say that she can stay!" Smiled Private.
"Well, there is Marlene that sometimes visits so it's not a problem to me." Agreed Kowalski.
Rico just shrugged his shoulders.
"Hmm, let me think.. no!" Disagreed Skipper.
'"Of course...' We have two yeses, a no, and a I don't know.. I think I should stay since there's two yeses."
"Please, Skippah, this is the first time we ever had a girl penguin here." Pleaded Private with puppy dog eyes.
"Err.. fine.."
'Yay!!' I thought as I smiled happily.

~ Chapter 4: Life at the Zoo ~

I heard a crowd of people saying where are the penguins which made me shiver.
"Well, while we where having this little conversation.. the visitors are wondering where we are.. gee, thanks Blue Scarf.. Secret Underwater Tunnel, boys. On the double!"
And with that being said they all immediately went through the opening where I came in except Private, that is surprisingly located behind some big fish as I stood there confused until Private spoke up.
"You can come with us if you want!"
"Uhh.. sure!"
I had no idea what I was getting myself into until we came through the tunnel which was underwater.. why? I had no idea, I just went along with it. As I came to the surface, I was shocked! There was so many humans around their home. It was so creepy but the penguins sure didn't mind it as they jumped out of the water and landed on this island thingy [the platform] and I decided to follow them. My scarf was soaked so I squeezed the water out and looked at the penguins in confusion after I was done, they where acting so strange as the many humans threw fish out to them which made my stomach growl. I was so distracted that I forgot about eating! I picked some fish off the ground with my beak and ate them, they where so good!

I suddenly remembered what Skipper called me so I waddled towards him wondering why.
"Hey Skipper, why did you call me Blue Scarf?"
He stopped doing his tricks.. or whatever he was doing, to speak.
"I'm busy, Blue Scarf." And continued.
"Can't you just stop for a minute and answer?!"
"Fine. I'm calling you Blue Scarf cause what else am I going to call you?"
"You know you could have said to me 'Hey, what's your name?' and I could've answered! If you want to know my name, it's Icy."
"Hmm.. I like my name for you instead, works better for me."
"Oh, so is Blue Scarf like a nickname or something?"
"Sorta. Now can I continue preforming for the humans?"
"Oh! So, that's why you guys where acting so strange. You where preforming all along.."
"Yeah. Can I preform now?"
"Oh.. sorry. Sure, you can!"

Soon the humans left the zoo and me and the penguins went back to HQ and I told the rest of the penguins my name.
"Aww, cute name!" Private said with a smile.
"Ah, so that's your name. I've been thinking about asking you but it slipped my mind.." said Kowalski.
"Icy! Brrr.." said Rico as he acted like he was cold which made me giggle.
"Since I'm new to the zoo 'hehe.. that rhymes' could someone give me a tour?"
"I will, Icy!" Private volunteered.

I struggled climbing over the big gate that surrounded their habitat unlike Private who jumped over the gate with ease.
"Who do you want to see first? There's the chimpanzees; Phil and Mason, a kangaroo named Joey, Marlene the-"
"Wait.. Marlene?"
"Well, there is Marlene that sometimes visits so it's not a problem to me." Agreed Kowalski.
[Flashback End]
"That's who Kowalski mentioned.. is she a female?"
"Why, yes!"
"Then let's go to her habitat first, please!"
Little did I know that her habitat was closer than I thought. Private jumped over the wall while I tried jumping over it which seemed to be the only way to get there. Which I made it but Private was a way better jumper than me, I wondered why. He jumped into Marlene's habitat, followed by me who didn't see the unsuspecting pool that I feel into. I quickly came up to the surface, climbed out and began squeezing the water out of my scarf.
"Uhh.. sorry about that. I should've told you about her pool being there.." Apologized Private.
"It's alright.."
Our voices caught the attention of a brown and white furred animal who came out of a cave. Had no idea what she was.
"Icy, this is Marlene, she's an otter!" Said Private.
"Ooh! So, your Marlene! Hi, I'm Icy!"
"Hi there! Yep, that's me. Wow, I never thought I'd see a girl penguin here. Did you get shipped here?" Said Marlene.
"Well, usually that's how animals get here by being shipped in crates." Said Marlene.
"Oh, well I didn't come here in a crate. I came by taking many boats."
"So, you traveled to get here? From where?" Asked Marlene.
"Yep. From Antartica."
"What? You can't be serious!" Said Marlene.
"I am. It took a very long time though.. but it was worth it!" I smiled.
"Wow! Come inside, let me show you around!" Said Marlene with a smile.

~ Chapter 5: The Kingly Lemur ~

During a long chat with Marlene, Private reminded me that there where a lot of animals to see other than Marlene, which ended the conversation. We went to see the chimpanzees; Phil who couldn't talk but talked in sign language which I thought was interesting and Mason who talked fancy. Then Burt, the peanut loving elephant, the pissed off kangaroo named Joey. After that where, the gorillas Bada and Bing, Pinky the flamingo, Shelly the ostrich, Ted the polar bear, the poison dart frog named Berry, and the chameleons. I couldn't believe how many animals where here!
"Are there anymore animals I need to visit?"
"There are the lemurs.." Said Private.
"The lemurs?" I Questioned.
We both went to the lemur habitat which was the fourth habitat that also was surprisingly close to their home and we jumped over the wall which still wasn't easy for me as Private made it look.

We heard someone shouting something which sounded like someone's name. I looked around and saw that there was so much more to this habitat than the others and it also had more room as well. So much that it didn't seem fair to the other animals. Private helped me up to the top of the habitat which is where the sound was coming from. When we got up there, a strange furry animal sat in some kind of chair. His shouts where interrupted as we stood in front of him.
"Hello there silly penguin! And uhh... other silly penguin!" Said the strange animal.
"Silly? I'm not silly.."
"Of course you are.. if your hanging about with this silly penguin then you must be a silly penguin too."
"Alright... then how is he silly?"
"Icy, this is Julien. He's a lemur." Peeped Private.
"Silly penguin, you forgot the King part! And I can introducy my own kingly self!"
'Oooh, so that's a lemur... wait.. What the heck is a lemur?!'
"I am King Julien! The king of the zoo!"
'Your a king..? Hmm...' I thought, wondering if this guy really was a king but my thought got interrupted when someone walked in.

"Maurice! There you are you chunky monkey!"
"What do you want your majesty..?" Said Maurice in a uninterested voice as he slowly walked over to King Julien.
'Oooh! So, that's Maurice!'
"Make me a sweety sweet mango smoothie!"
"Uhh... we're fresh out of mangos..."
"WHAAAT?!! B-but.. why?!"
"I uh... made a mango smoothie for Mort.."
"WHHAAAAAT?!! Mort doesn't deserve a smoothie, only the king which is me deserves the smoothies!"
"I know.. but he was thirsty so I used the last three mangos..."
"Isn't there anymore?!!"
"There would be if you didn't eat so many mangos last night!"
"Ooh Maurice.. we're not going to be playing the blame game again."
'This guy is so selfish! There's no way he's a king. He probably thinks he is...'
It wasn't long before another strange furry animal which I'm guessing is also a lemur walked in.
"King Julien, can I touch your FEEEET?!"
"MORT! Why did you have to be getting Maurice to make you a mango smoothie?! Because now we don't have any!" He gets an idea. "Ooo! My brainy box just hatched an idea! Since Maurice had to be making you a mango smoothie... your pushyment will be that you will get more mangos from the gorillas!"
"WHAT?! You can't be serious?! Remember what happened last time!" Said Maurice.
"Oooo! Yes, I do! Your right Maurice, maybe Mort will become huge again!"
With that said and done.. Julien got off his chair and kicked Mort over the habitat wall.
"Now go get me more mangos! If you do.. you will be getting to be able to touch my royal feet!"
"THE FEEEET?! YES, KING JULIEN!!" Said Mort as he happily ran off to the gorilla habitat.
"Are you really going to let Mort touch your feet?" Asked Maurice.
"What? Of course.. not! Why would I be letting him do that?"
"That's.... IT!!" I shouted. "What the heck is wrong with you?! First you order Maurice to get you a smoothie when you really should be doing it yourself. Second you get mad at Maurice and Mort just because you can't have your smoothie because the mangos are gone. Then you send poor little Mort into the gorilla habitat just so you can get more mangos for your dumb smoothie?!! Stop being so SELFISH!!!"
Private and Maurice was shocked at my speech but Julien just laughed and said..
"Silly penguin, I don't sell fish." Said the self-proclaimed king as his face lit up with laughter.
"What?! I didn't say that you where selling fish.. I said that you where selfish. SEL-FISH!"
Even if I did correct myself, he still laughed but this time.. he laughed so hard that he slid in his chair and kicked his feet into the air.
"Y-you.. you are so FUNNY!" Said Julien as he kept laughing.
This guy got me so mad that I just wanted to kick him in the face but.. I didn't since I know that violence never solves anything so I told Private that we should leave his 'highness' to laugh all he wants!

~ Chapter 6: The Rough Night ~

Me and Private went down the entrance in the HQ as I kept complaining about that stupid lemur. "What the heck is wrong with him?! He's selfish, lazy, and stubborn since he can't even be responsible for his own actions! How the heck can you guys put up with someone like HIM?!!"
Skipper got up from the brick he was sitting on as he stopped playing cards with Kowalski and Rico. "Now you know how I feel. Well.. almost. He's much worse than what you've seen of him already." Said Skipper as he waddled over to me and Private.
"He's... worse?!! How worse?" I peeped.
"You'll see, Blue Scarf... You'll see. Since your living with us now until you decide to get back to Antartica you'll see how much of a pain Ringtail can be."
"Oh great.. 'He has a nickname for Julien as well?!'"

I layed down on the cold cement floor of the HQ with a blue blanket that covered me, as my head layed on a white fuffly pillow. The blanket and pillow where provided by Rico... from his.... stomach. Which was gross but none of them smelled yucky or appeared to be wet which surprised me. It was sorta neat that he was able to do such a thing with his stomach. I didn't know how the heck he did it but I didn't ask so I wouldn't be rude. I slept there silently.. like a rock. I'm sure that there was nothing that would interrupt my sleep... but I was so wrong..
I jumped out of my slumber as I heard; BOOM, BOOM, DA BOOM BOOM!
"RINGTAIL!!!" I heard Skipper shouting to the ceiling as he was laying on the floor beside his bunk, it looked like he got rolled out of bed.. followed by the others who rolled out of their beds, landing on top of him. "What the heck is going on?!!" I asked. The guys looked at me as Kowalski, Rico and Private got off of Skipper. "This is what I've been talking about Blue Scarf! It's Ringtail and his noise maker!!" He said as he stood up.
"Noise.. maker?"
"AKA.. his boom box." Kowalski told me.
"I am going to turn this noise down ONCE AND FOR ALL!!" Skipper said in his rage.
"Should we go with you?" Kowalski peeped. "That won't be nessesary, Kowalski. I'll go alone."

Skipper tries to get Julien to turn down the music but fails. Icy decides to give it a try in her own way which works as a scared Julien does what she says. She meets up with Skipper (who was watching) and is really happy about this which changes his attitude towards her.

In the 7th Chapter, Kowalski teaches Icy how to use a jet pack after she somehow see's one in action for herself. After succeeding in using it she gets another nightmare that night and ends up finding the dream stone beside her and is unable to get back to sleep so she stays up for a while. Private wakes up wanting to get a glass of water and stays up with her for a while.