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In Firefox: The only error in that browser is that the height is bigger in the footer and so the background image starts to repeat itself.
In Internet Explorer [Should I even bother with the view info of an old browser?]: Errors; There's a line under the links, making it seem like the layout is using the underline text decoration. The sprite that is used twice on the sides of the "Current Moon Phase & Stats" and "Welcome" headers. Also on the sides of "Navigation" (the one works since it's not using < content>) and the ones that are used before the section titles in both navis (main and chapters mobile) aren't appearing. The dark colored part of the borders that are on the sides of the content and the headers are a very dark shade of what is being used. The height is bigger in the footer and so the background image starts to repeat itself.
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To Melon's Island, the site that is all about my old but renewed story called Melon's Adventures. This story is about a bird named Melon that is given electric powers to fight evil from a mysterious bird called 'The Goddess Creature' (who is named Serenity later on). Melon goes on a quest, along with the creature to fight evil and to find out what happened to the rest of her species that suddenly disappeared! Filled with a lot of adventures and action scenes, as Melon faces many villains along her quest, and wants answers on what happened to the other Tropical Birds. It's 2023 and Melon's Island has been running for 15 years! (^V^) ..Despite leaving the site during Version 1.2 for almost 3 years. So, it hasn't been completely successful but mostly.

Whether or not it started off as an error with Version 1.3 or not wanting MI to connect with it's old counterpart. I decided to change the starting year to 2008 instead of 2009 as the old one started in 2008 and went with the start of the current MI. Now I want to connect the old and the current sites into one and there's the fact that Version 1.2 used 2008 as well and the one before that 1.0 most likely went with it as well despite not having a full view of it. It can't be helped that a majority of the layouts used 2009. But the starting part for MI being 2008 is official and with that said Melon's Island is now 15 years old instead of 14.

New and old visitors are always welcome! :D








Moving in Progress

Friday - Oct 5, 2018

Before I begin.. Sorry about being inactive :( Making this update took longer than I wanted it to be because of Melon's Island's move to Byehost and noticing that most of the images are broken because of PostImage changing it's address from .org to .cc. I fixed and added the images to the new host instead since I did it with SHHB. It's a pain in the feathery butt to have to fix so many broken image addresses every few years or so. During that time I changed the image's name files from png to jpg for the big images and png to gif for the thumbnails, though I only have done everything except for the other site buttons and the broken images on Pictures. So changing the file names took some time as well and for the move, I didn't even complete that yet but all the outside pages (like the pages in the navigation), including a few inside pages (like the secret page which is linked to another secret page). For the pages that are linked at Previous Layouts I decided to not move them so the layout links and the splash links are still connected to Webs. This also counts for the available under construction and hiatus pages. Since I didn't get around to fixing the broken images for Pictures, (since there are too many broken ones D:) I'll fix them for the next time that I update, that will be when images that end in gif will appear. Since Old Updates was getting TOO big, I separated the page into two pages by making a new one, which has most of the updates. Because of this, I updated the summary and added a link that has the rest of the updates. For Characters I updated Mitternaught's profile with an image linking to what his antenna looks like when using his power. I also edited Camo's profile image (the parrot side one) by taking off one of his lizard toes since only his lizard side should have it and not his parrot side. I updated Chapters by adding more and removing some bits of the summary since it was old. Monster Birds is updated with new info and chapter appearances of recent chapters have been added for both sections. I added more to the second summary, the summary for Locations in Melon's Adventures and updated the list for chapters, characters and added that there is over 25 guest characters for About the Story. Site Info is updated by turning pages into outer pages in the list since I rather count outer pages than every single one except for the two secret pages, this notice has been added to the short summary. I also added a list of additions to MI in The History of Melon's Island, though only stuff that I didn't say before is listed. Last, I added a new section to Extras, which is MA sugar cookies :D Despite how broken apart they where after they where baked and how the icing looks sloppy in some ways, I am proud of my little activity, especially how tasty they where since I noticed that they also have that cookie dough like taste. Though my Melon dough model was a lot more doughy because of it's structure. For the finished cookie images, I used my dad's android phone to test out it's camera, which came out sorta like my digital camera though getting it to my laptop through e-mail was hard but I have the images nevertheless

Here is the link to the Byehost version since that's where the updates are at since it's troublesome to update on Webs. The updated navigation's new thingy are also on there. During the move, I noticed something else wrong with Webs.. the Current Moon Phase plugin is blank T-T but for Byehost it still exists ^^ Yet another reason to move, though there is some kind of glitch with the layout's navigation/content background image in which it disappears o.o But Byehost is till better to work with in my opinion >:) It's not perfect but now I don't even have to worry about putting index.htm after the site's address to not make it look like the site suddenly disappeared (or any of my other html sites for that matter which excludes the old MI) and there's other things that I have on Byehost that I don't have on Webs. Note that Melon's Island will complete it's move in time since this is a plain that will take more time, like fixing the rest of the broken images for example but when the move is complete this update entry will be edited, also note that broken links may appear but this will be solved in time.

Edit 3/7/19: Sorry for the long wait but.. Chapters 1 - 8 are finally up! :D It took a long time since I had to fix a lot of mistakes that a fan of MA (Melon's Adventures) and this site pointed out, though maybe not all of the ones that she saw but I would be typing in words as if they are happening in the past instead of the present, like can't and couldn't for example. I also stumbled upon a broken image link for the recent hiatus image in Extras but now it's fixed :) I ended up forgetting to reupload the image on to this host, haha. Stay tuned.. the rest of the chapters will also be up, only three more to go! Yay! :DD

Edit 4/17/19: At last! All of the chapters are now added! During the progress of this little update, I got to add the first two titles for Chapter 12 and 13 and the starting date for Volume 4. Since the move is over, with all of the chapters moved to Byehost, with edits and little additions added as well, the visitor counter is now a part of MI again. I also updated the Symbol Guide on Chapters with a new note underneath it. At first the underling thing was going to be just an old thing and wasn't going to be added anymore but upon re-reading Chapter 9 recently for any editing, I decided to use it for when Melon and Aaron read the magazine about Sapphire and Sapphire Rose as well, so now it's also for signs AND anything that a character or characters are reading. This also includes when Aaron reads about Monster Birds, which also happens in Ch 9. I also fixed an error in Guest Characters for the Canadian Goose being in Ch 11, instead of 10.

The Luci Update

Monday - May 28, 2018

Today's update title connects with yet another favorite show of mine; Lucifer. But I'll explain it later, now it's time for the updates :D I've had a hard time with finishing it up but Chapter 11: Nightmare is done :) and it probably took the longest to do. The recent chapter introduces two new characters; Mitternaught, a strange nightmare bird and Yume, a dog who is known as The Protector of Dreams who was handling the protection of dreams well, until Mitternaught came in and did terrible crap. Yep, he's a villian but he isn't like Canaku and his gang. With two new characters being introduced I have made profiles for each of them but Yume's is different because of his profile image being bigger than the others so his desciption is at the bottom instead of on the left side or the right side. While drawing profile images for them and making this update, I admit I was slaking.. and having to make another update on a iffy site host isn't much joy but I have found another host that is better than Webs but moving MI will take time, especially since I'm in the process of moving another site of mine, wanting to use it as a test subject to see how well the host is and that host is called Byehost, even though it doesn't have editing or SSI problems it is sensitive to adult words thinking that a harmless word like cutie is bad and blocked my access to work on my site temporary since I fixed the problem, so that's a bad thing but there are mostly good things about it, like free php :D Anyway I added more updates; four more rows of guest characters are added to 'Guest Characters' and two of them are paired up in the same row. And since Chapter 11 ended with an incomplete story-line because of size limitations (don't want the chapter to be too big D:) but the story will continue in the next chapter. Along with this update I also updated the Symbol Guide on 'Chapters', adding a new symbol and editing the page's summary about the addition. I also added dates to the volumes from the date that they where added to Melon's Island and when they where finished, though since the new story-line didn't start out as being grouped with multiple volumes, Volume 1's added date starts with when Melon's Adventures started to be in volumes. Since the last chapter of each volume brought in a extra chapter, I did Volume 3's which is a short introduction about two upcoming characters who will show up somewhere around the next volume. And that volume is added but unlike the other volumes, I sadly don't know any of the future titles that appear in Volume 4 but Canaku WILL be on the cover for the fact that I haven't planned that far ahead yet. I'll either add them when I confirm what they will be called or when the chapters are added.

Blue Exorcist shinned on at least one update and Supernatural also shinned on an update and now.. it's Lucifer's time to shine which I thought that I would never be able to do, due to Season 3 being over and being slow on working on this update but today two bonus episodes aired, probably due to a lot of people wanting Lucifer back since Fox, the channel that aired the episodes cancelled the show before the last episode of Season 3, at least in the US. And the funny part is, is that the two new characters that appear in the recent Melon's Mini Adventures chapter are based on two characters on Lucifer but I'm not going to say which characters but once they got more spot light outside of the mini adventures it'll probably be obvious :3 The two episodes that aired today are Boo Normal and Once Upon a Time a double premiere that never happed with Lucifer before until today :D

An Update with an Issue

Friday - Feb 2, 2018

I wanted to update back in December but.. I ran into an editing pages problem (I was also sick in December and last month D:) and at first I thought I couldn't update at all but found out on another site of mine that edits are showing up but they show up slowly. See Legendary Birds update entry called "Update.. or Not?" for more info. Don't be surprised if this update entry shows up a week or so later cause it might take that long for the recent edit to show. I'm currently trying to find a suitable host to move MI (and at least a few of my other sites), to one that hopefully supports Server Side Includes. Now on to the updates; the over two month awaited Chapter 10 has been added, along with adding more characters to 'Guest Characters'. Since I accidentally drew Ellios' profile picture with thick lines since Paint on Windows 7 automatically has the line texture on thick, I usually change it to one texture lower, which sucks and all but.. I replaced that blah picture with something that makes him look a lot better :D I'm really happy with the out come of what I like to call the redraw version, it even shows more of him :) His position is different in this picture, which is a pose that I never drew on a character because I rarely draw four legged animals so it might look weird in some place. He looks so much better, so go see it! :DD When Webs allows it to be seen that is, haha ^^; Ellios' new profile picture is even bigger too and just like with Sapphire's I needed to make a small version linking to the original or it wouldn't look good with his summary, though the phoenix's is much bigger XD Seven new 'Pictures' has been added which most of them are wipe off board doodles (it's been a while since I added any), a few of them are related to The Birdies since some of the old power birds will be featured in a upcoming chapter ^-^ I'm not sure when but the wait will probably be a long one. The rest of the new images are the original versions of the recent banner and splash, like with the other previous layouts. Speaking of pictures, several or more than that where blocked off by Photobucket since it's not a good place to host pictures for sites and even blogs and other stuff that relies on an image host (see SHHB's update entry; "After a Long Wait.. I Update :D" for more details). I moved the blocked images to Post Image and a few photos on 'Extras' where blocked off too but I fixed all of them.

Also for 'Extras' I updated the MA Craft Project with a picture of all four of the completed foam paper birdies, added an updated image of all of the cut outs since Canaku's old one wasn't big enough, and added more to it's summary. On a Yoshi game that I have called Yoshi and Poochy's Wolly World, the player is able to create Yoshis, so I made a few blank Yoshis into Melon's Adventures characters :D I could have made more but the room is limited D: I did name them and added quotes :) The few lucky characters to be Yoshis are; Melon, Aaron.. and Canaku lol He's not going to like this XD I wanted to add a villain so that's why the evil shape-shifting bird became a Yoshi, haha. Taking pictures on a game system, they came out blurry and in case anyone can't tell what the text in each picture says, I typed it in the summary. Remember that the pages that have been updated will show up slowly so please be patient, you can try to come back around a week or so and see if anything new pops up, despite this I'll still add the new thingys to the updated pages ^^ Only on 'Home' though.. because of the lack of Server Side Includes. This update will probably be the only one that I will make with an issue like this, hopefully the next update won't have any need to wait on edits.

Shepherd of Fire

Monday - Sept 18, 2017

After two days of hiatus, a new layout is here! Haha, now it looks like the site is taken over by Yang (though he's not the type of bird to take over something). Despite not appearing nor being mentioned in any of the already typed chapters, he makes a surprise entrance in the layout and in the splash :D He was drawn before but never colored, that is until now :3 The first drawing of him appeared when I decided to draw a few 'far into the future characters' as I called them on Deviant Art but are called bonuses here, including a similar enormous bird named Yin, who is the exact opposite of him. Yang has also made a few other appearances; there's a New Nintendo 3DS doodle and a toaster strudel doodle. Though I didn't reveal his name until I added the toaster strudel, by accident lol This layout has spoilers of what the future of Melon's Adventures will be like.. at least a story about the past of the Tropical Island after Monster Birds caused chaos on it, they would have caused more trouble.. that is until Yang defeated them with his fire aura which is taken place during a sunset. Melon and Aaron don't appear in the actual scene but since the story and the site is mostly focused on them, ever since when Aaron first appeared on Version 2.2's banner, I added them :) Melon wonder's who this guy could be but Aaron on the other wing is both angry and nervous wondering if he's friend or foe. What do you.. yes you! What do you think? ;) It'll take a long time until Yang makes an actual appearance in the story so the question will take a long time to be answered but for now he has made his full appearance (since he's colored now) on the site. As I said before when Version 3.0 appeared, this new layout set is about each layout being based on a certain song :> this layout marks the second music themed layout for MI. This song is Avenged Sevenfold's 'Shepherd of Fire' which is like a theme for Yangy <3... I mean Yang XD I just made a nickname for him. He's a special character and an awesome one at that and has an important role in the world of Melon's Adventures. What's so important about him? Well, your just gonna have to wait and see :P I just love Shepherd of Fire, it's an awesome song! <3 For those of you who don't know, Yang is a peacock, the great large bird that is known for it's beautiful large fan like tail and Yin would be a peahen, a female peacock. Here's an old short summary I made when I uploaded the first official drawing of Yang on DA Yang, The God of Yang. Based upon the Yin-Yang Chinese symbol that reflects good and evil. He is an enormous black peacock with red eyes but has a kind heart. Unlike his opposite and foe, Yin. He bears the Yang symbol on his forehead. One of my mysterious characters. I'm not interested in the 'God of Yang' title but he is a god in MA, it's obvious on how I named him, bearing the yang symbol on his forehead, which is more like a small stone in the shape of the yang symbol. His foe is indeed Yin, he does NOT get along with her but she does likes to deceive him and tries to get him to let his guard down. Why would Yang get along with someone like that?

Haha, I made even more spoilers X3 I thought, I might as well since the peacock is out of the bag, sorry for those who didn't want to be spoiled.. something like this will not happen again, I guarantee it >:) During the hiatus, I mentioned that since Server Sides Includes still isn't supported by the pain in the butt Webs.. I would have to put in the layout code myself for at least most of the pages and I have, all of the pages has the layout coding except; Chapters 2 - 8, Both of the Melon's Mini Adventures (the extra chapters in Volume 1 and 2), and the two secret pages. I added the coding in the first chapter because of the show/hide script not working without the layout's coding, if I didn't add it then the bonus section of that chapter wouldn't show up and I added the coding for Chapter 9 since it's the latest chapter. Because of SSI not working, the new thingys will only appear on the home page or I would have to add the changes to the other pages that actually have the layout's coding and that will be a pain in the feathery butt, especially with every update. Now on to the updates (other than the new layout); 'About This Layout' is updated with a lot more information on the new layout than what is on this update entry, 'Previous Layouts' is updated with the addition of the previous layout, 'Old Updates' is updated with the addition of the previous layout's updates and I did a little editing on the updates for Version 2.2 and 2.3 by adding a little bit of space around the update sets.. there used to be no space at all around the boxes. Hope you like the new layout and splash!

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