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Wanted Trading Cards

All Card info according to Updated on 2/28/24.

Serebii TCG Cardexs: Articuno l Zapdos l Moltres

Latest Releases: In Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic that's going to release in Nov 17, 2023 in English, only two of the Legendary Birds are included; Articuno and Zapdos. But are only reprints of cards that where already released but I think I'll still count them as being new. It might be like how an old Zapdos card in Base got a new version in Evolutions.

There's a new card for each bird (2 more for Zapdos in Japanese) in the Scarlet & Violet 151 special set since it features Kanto region Pokemon. It's English release date is 9/22/23. Each card number is also their Pokedex number since it starts with Bulbasaur (#1) and ends with Mew (#151), along with some special ones. There's also another new card for Zapdos in the Japanese Scarlet & Violet Black Star Promo set. *The English version is coming in a box set titled "151 ex Box - Zapdos ex" that is going to release on 10/6/23 (the same day and month as Detective Pikachu Returns releases :D). One of the coolest things about this box set is there's going to be a jumbo version of the card! Zapdos gets to be the first and for now the only Legendary Bird who gets a jumbo card!

*Info from Bulbapedia

Galarian Birds
Chilling Reign
G Mol V (177)

Legendary Birds
Tag All Stars (226)

Note: Titled as Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX (GX Card)

Rocket's Arti ex, EX Team Rocket Returns (96)

Rocket's Zap ex, EX Team Rocket Returns (106)

Bought Trading Cards

Total: 66 l *Already on LB

Galarian Birds
Astral Radiance
G Arti V (TG16)
G Zap V (TG19)
G Mol V (TG20)
Brillant Stars
G Arti V (181)
G Mol V (183)
G Zap V (182)
SWSH Promos
G Arti (182)
G Zap (188)
G Mol (190)
G Arti (123)
G Zap (124)
G Mol (125)
Chilling Reign
G Arti V (170)
G Arti V (169)
G Zap V (173)
G Zap V (174)
G Mol V (176)
G Arti V (58)
G Zap V (80)
G Mol V (97)
Evolving Skies
G Arti (63)
G Zap (82)
G Mol (93)

Legendary Birds
*GX Hidden Fates (66)
*GX Hidden Fates (69)
GX SM Promos (210)

Articuno T Promo (14)
*Fossil (1st One, # 2)
Pryce's Arti, VS (JA Only, 42)
Arti ex, Nintendo Promo (32)
*Supreme Victors (1st One, # 16)
EX Plasma Storm (2nd One, # 132)
*GX Celestial Storm (2nd One, # 154)
*SM Promos
Articuno GO (24)
Silver Tempest (36)
Arti Scarlet & Violet 151 (#144)
Arti Trading Card Game Classics (#9)

Zapdos T Promo (15, JA Only)
*Vending Machine Set 2 (JA Only)
Fossil (2nd One, # 30)
Rocket's Zap, Gym Challenge (15)
*P Promos
EX FireRed and LeafGreen (116)
Zapdos ex, Black Star Promo (33)
Roaring Skies
Team Up
*SM Promos (1st One, # 145)
*Vivid Voltage
Rocket's Zapdos (15, Celebrations)
Zapdos GO (29)
Zap S&V Promo (#49, Jumbo size as well)
Zapdos Scarlet & Violet 151 (#145)
Zapdos Scarlet & Violet 151 (#192)
Zap Scarlet & Violet 151 (#202)
Zap Trading Card Game Classics (#12)

*Vending Machine Set 2 (JA Only)
Fossil (1st One, # 12)
*Moltres T Promo (13, JA Only)
Mol ex Nintendo Promo (31)
Supreme Victors (2nd One, # 149)
XY Promos (XY127)
*Lost Thunder
*SM Promos
Brillant Stars (21)
Moltres SWSH Promo (185)
Moltres GO (12)
Mol Scarlet & Violet 151 (#146)