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Melon's Blog :D Which is formally known as Melon's Personal Site or MPS for short. Now it has a new name :3 I decided to make a blog, plus make a home for most of my stories that where on Melon's Stories, the mini site that used to connect with MPS. Not only is this site a place to make my stories still read-able but I decided to make a blog in the first place is so that I can add any announcements that I'd like to make or need to make (when a problem happens) since Legendary Birds had an issue recently, one that makes it hard to announce to the visitors (especially when there's more than a little to explain). Instead of announcing upcoming site updates in a blog, the Updated Site Status will say 'Update Coming Soon' instead by which site will have one. This started to take effect on 6/1/21 as an edit in the 'LB, MI & SHH are Down.. (Fixed)' blog entry. Because of this, like MPS, MB will also be connecting to my active sites.

Updated Site Status
What is this? This little list tells the viewers on which site/s have been updated recently and if they aren't, tells when the site was last updated. And when an update is coming soon.

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak: Updated on Feb 2022
Legendary Birds: Updated on Feb 2022
Melon's Island: Updated on Aug 2021

Blog Entries

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Melon's Island is on Hold & MB Update

Monday - June 6, 2022

Melon's Island is on Hold, MI is sadly on hold at the moment with updates since I'm planning to add a new layout on the next update and in order to add it I need to draw a banner and a splash image for it but when Adobe Flash Player went down last year (2021), my ability to use my scanner to scan drawings and then color them in Photoshop went down with it. You see my scanner is old and needs Flash Player and then I found out from someone that I know that tried helping me with this problem is the fact that my old laptop is holding me back from using Flash Player in a sneaky way. At first I thought that I needed to buy a new scanner but then there's the fact that what if the scanners that around today are too improved for an old computer.. According to him the only way to solve this is to buy a desktop. I have everything that I need to have one except for a screen. This is actually going to be a desktop that is built buy that someone, he can make computers by using tvs as screens, it's amazing *o* I'm having trouble getting a tv size that I'm good with and it's going to be at least a while until I find the right one. Until that problem is solved and I get that banner and splash completed there will sadly be no more updates. I could add other stuff than the layout but I don't like the idea of doing that right now :S Though if updating MI takes too long I'll get to it but it'll only be one more for the current layout.

For more news on MI, I actually got back into working on Ch 14 after much time of having writer's block since I realized that I ended up having many characters in one chapter and typed about their movements and added their lines in, instead of having that for some of the characters but I'm happily making progress with it and as I type this in (5/31) I may even be done with it since it's getting too big and might have it as big as Ch 10 or less. At this time, I'm not sure. Other than writer's block I've also been having a big or almost big life issues that are personal and rather not discuss online. Along with Ch 14, a new page is going to appear that is about those unknown characters with glowing green eyes in the current chapter (Ch 13) and there's more updates that I can add as well and I'd like to improve the tables that make up the list of characters and maybe even the page of each char since the coding is old compared to what I used on LB's picture galleries that at least might be good enough, if I don't get that worked on for the next update then it'll be at some point. I didn't want this entry to be short so I ended up typing in more XD Well for those who have been read this far will know more upcoming stuff for the site and the story that's focused on a colorful heroic birdy :D

MB Update
Now for the update since this isn't as big as the last one. I added five pages to the navigation; My Sites, MB's History, Random Stuff, Extras and Neko. Though before I found a way to update the navi by just updating one page I was going to combine My Sites and MB's History, this came before the other three pages where created but thanks to that easy way I was able to separate them into two pages. Check out these pages for more info. As a hidden bonus for Icy's Nightmare, I added a small prologue that explains a character that never got to appear in the fan-fic; Zack. I added more of Wolf Hamster's creation on Wolf Hamster that's in the original area but has to do with both the original and the remake. That's all of the updates for now.