MB is on Hiatus

Melon's Blog is on hiatus, which basically means that the site is under construction with updates being made in the background.

As the current layout is eye hurting to a small handfull of people, I was working on a layout that uses red and orange but looks good for those who have issues with the layout (at least to me..). Though due to a big problem with my desktop, I can't access it (along with a whole bunch of stuff) so I used this blue and white one that was in the background as MB's temporary hiatus page. Not sure if I'll change the layout to that or not but it was made back in 2021 as part of a style/theme switcher but I never could get one to work, tried multiple times with Legendary Birds. Though I'm working on having another go with it for Melon's Island. Back to the eye hurting part, I made tables that have the same design that are used multiple times which also might be eye hurting DX And if I have to change the colors on those too, it's going to take a very long time.. So, I'm not really sure how long this hiatus will be but.. I don't like the idea of it staying where it was and since I want people who visit my sites a non eye hurting way to see their status. Especially LB since it's been updated yesterday. - Melon 10/20/23

Updated Site Status
What is this? This little list tells the viewers on which site/s have been updated recently and if they aren't, tells when the site was last updated. And when an update is coming soon.

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak: Updated on Feb 2022
Legendary Birds: Updated on Oct 2023
Melon's Island: Updated on Dec 2023

Spat and Harmony

Legendary Birds

Melon's Island

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