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Most of these are fan-sites since I'm a fan of many characters (though my fandom grows more that just what kind of fandom becomes a site). I made them for myself and for other fans. But the three versions of Melon's Island is about my fictional story. I do have stories on MB as well but Melon's Adventures, which is what MI is all about is my biggest one. I divided my sites into three seperate categories; Open & Active, Open & Inactive, and Passed Away & Closed.

Edit Jan 2024: Open & Inactive has been updated by adding a slash through some of it's summary and adding more to it. Because of Webs' shutdown I updated MI (2nd one)'s link with a copy of it since it's gone and added a summary about it. With Penguin HQ not having a copy online at the moment (due to the shutdown) it had to be removed from that section and into a new one; Closed (due to host). See that section for details.

Open & Active

These are on the navigation since they're open and active. Even though they're already on there I wanted to add descriptions and wanted to list every site I ever made on this page.

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak: Dedicated to Spat and Harmony from Hamtaro/Tottoko Hamutaro, they appear in the anime, a video game, and in mangas. They are mostly known in the game that they only appear in the US but in Japan it goes beyond that since they appear in three episodes that aren't dubbed in English. It's probably the only active Spat and Harmony site but maybe even the only one that has loads of content for the two winged hamsters. Not much was known about them so I discovered a lot and added what I found on there and I still have more to add :) It's filled with many pictures and information about them. Might've opened on Aug 17, 2008 or later on. The third version since it came after Spat and Harmony Heartbreak 2. At first it had the same address as the first SHH and then was able to change it later on to

Hosted by Webs until Feb 4, 2019. It's current host is Byehost.

Legendary Birds: Dedicated to the Legendary bird trio in the Kanto region from Pokemon/Pocket Monsters; Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. This also includes their Galarian forms that appear in Generation 8 but what is available is small compared to their original looks. There's a page for each bird, pages that shows their minor anime appearances, merchandise, picture galleries, trading cards, the list goes on. The only active site that doesn't have more than one version of itself since it was made in 2009 on April 24 to be exact, so it was never made in freeweb's site builder. Though it didn't have it's first update until September. It had this address before it's move;

Hosted by Webs until December (21st or 22nd), 2019. It's current host is Byehost.

Melon's Island: It focuses on my story; Melon's Adventures that is about a usually happy bird named Melon who leaves her peaceful home to find her species, after a conversation with a mysterious bird like creature who gives her powers to fight evil, knowing that the disappearance of her species involves evil forces. On her adventures she gains a partner, gains attacks, and makes friends and foes. Before she left she spent years on the island alone. This version of MI came after Melon's Island (2nd one), it opened on July 31st 2009 but created back on February 5th. This happened since my motivation on working on the site and story went down for a while. My motivation went down for a while again before I opened it which went down in October 23, 2009 to September 9, 2012. It uses the same address that the first MI used, though I changed it to

Hosted by Webs and began the move to Byehost from Oct 5, 2018 - April 17, 2019.

Open & Inactive

*There's two sites of mine that are like this and that is.. Having a back up for one and for the fact that's online, only Melon's Island (2nd one) remains until I have a copy of Penguin HQ online so for now it's in another section.*

Melon's Island (2nd one): The old version of Melon's Island, it replaced the very first one which has passed away for a very long time. Since it's the replacement it's known as the second version. It was made back on March 20, 2008 when I accidentally picked this advanced site builder and couldn't work on it anymore so I ended up closing it and had to start all over from scratch. It shows what Melon's Adventures was like back then, which is crappy to me XD but I did get better years later :) Being one of the first sites that I ever made it's sadly not in html but built with Freewebs (or Webs, Freewebs is it's old name) site builder which was decent for a beginner. It ended up being inactive since I made a better version of MI, which uses the address that the first MI uses until it had to be moved to Byehost.

*Webs has shutdown and became Vistaprint (ever since September 2023) so this old MI is gone but I already have this site backed up here on Neocities. I rebuilt it using what the Wayback Machine ( backed up. It's been around for years and it's connected to the current Melon's Island, having it's link on the site repeatly. The link above has been replaced but it used to have this link;*

*Closed (due to host)

Only Penguin HQ is like this since I don't have a copy of it only but I do plan to make a copy of it on Neocities in the future.*

Penguin HQ: This is a fan site that is dedicated to the four Penguins from the Madagascar movies (and the Christmas special that came afterwords) and The Penguins of Madagascar TV series. It's a short lived site that I created on April 7, 2012. It went on for six layouts and it's last update is on February 9, 2016. It's a small site that has profiles of each penguin, an episode guide that lists all three seasons, music videos that I made, pictures, a schedule of the tv series, and a few more stuff. It's a site that was also hit by the Majhost shutdown and I never got every broken image up since a good bit had to be redone, one of them was a banner. It ended up becoming inactive when my motivation in keeping it updated died. I'm still a fan of the penguins but not much to keep a fan site alive. Despite the fact that it won't be updated anymore I left it open but at some point it can give off a 'Sorry, this page was not found.' kind of.. page XD (for the fact that I didn't use Web's site builder to create it). Since I have to log into the account in order for it to be seen and I rarely do that.

It's address is It's hosted by Webs. Even though it's inactive, it's the only one that has a button;

*As of September 2023 Webs has shutdown and became Vistaprint. It's known through an e-mail that I got that sites could be moved over to Vista but my site/s aren't able to and told me to find another host (though it's hard to know which site/s that were talking about since I probably have three or more that share the same e-mail XD). Though with the login being kind of different I'm not sure how one would be able to move their site/s there and be able to work on them >_> With the shutdown of Webs, the link no longer works so Penguin HQ is gone but years ago I did make copies of it's images and pages. Years since shutdowns seemed like they weren't going to happen until 2023 came and got an e-mail saying that Webs will shutdown in late August but it stayed put until some point in September. All of a sudden Webs was gone. Though despite this I plan on making a copy of it here on Neocities at some point in the future. Not sure when but the process will be time consuming.*

Passed Away & Closed

This section lists the sites that have passed away (aka died) and are closed due to an inactive account or I closed them myself.

Ham-Ham Land: I made this one a very long time ago, which might have been made in 2010 or 2011 for fun. It was a Hamtaro site that was inspired by HHP (Ham-Ham Paradise) and HHF (Ham-Ham Friends), two other Hamtaro fan sites, the second one is gone. I only got to make one layout for it which I called Version 1: Rainbow Sparkles that had at least a few images on it's banner from the first opening of the Paradise arc that introduced Lapis and Lazuli. The images that made up the layout where made with Gimp, I used a sparkle brush multiple times that where colored rainbow, which is why the layout is named like that. The rest of it might've used the pastel gradient that is on Gimp. The site has been dead for many years, it most likely got deleted by it's host; Webs for the fact that I totally forgot to log in to it's account, making it inactive after so much time has past. Webs has a limit to when a site is inactive. It's a shame that it went down that way but it's not like I have the time/motivation to update it. I never made it public and wasn't sure if I would or wanted to make it public until it got done. Though I didn't work much on it.

It's address might've been It was also hosted by Webs.

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak 2 (2nd One): Since I was on the verge of running out of room for more content, this site ended up being born and continued from where the 1st one ended. Which is basically a part 2 of the 1st one. I made it's 3rd layout and could happily update again. Version 3 lasted over a month until Version 4 came on June 22, 2008. Some time later, it ended up being a pain in the butt to update because of the upgraded site builder so I ended up closing it (along with the first MI). According to what I added on the recent Spat and Harmony Heartbreak the site came back in html with Version 5 on August 17, 2008 (made a splash page that connects with V5) on a new address which was before it's move to Byehost. Before I closed it I think it had this address; remembering that it was exactly like the address for the first one except I added a 2.

It's address was It was also hosted by Webs.

Melon's Island (1st One): Made back in Feb 2008 according to SHH's history since the two where made in the same month but I'm guessing it wasn't on the same day. This site is known as the first MI, the one that started it all until I had to close it sometime before March 20 of the same year so it had a short life span :< But that was Freeweb's fault (Webs used to be called Freewebs back then), I also might've not known any better and gave up out of frustration with it's upgrade site builder but at least the 2nd one is still alive. Other than Melon's Adventure stuff it also included pictures of real birds but it was too much for me to handle for the 2nd one I and wanted to put more focus into my story (which was called a cartoon show back then).

It's address was It was hosted by Webs.

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak (1st One): This the first Spat and Harmony Heartbreak that started out on Freeweb's site builder and used their templates to make the first two layouts, that's what I had to deal with back then. I created it on Feb 1st 2008 and somehow a second site; Melon's Island, which could've been made on the same day. Since I have some of it archived thanks to my first update came on the 9th and updated like crazy until April 14th but since I had a limited amount of webspace being made and updated on a site builder I was on the verge of running out of room so at some point afterwords I created a part 2 of the site and called it Spat and Harmony Heartbreak 2. It was on it's 2nd layout when this happened.

It's address was It was also hosted by Webs.