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About Tropical Birds

Tropical birds are a species of birds that live on Tropical Islands and other Islands as well. There feathers are light green when their babies and when they grow their feathers become yellow and orange and their beaks are green. Some of theses birds live in flocks and others live alone. Theses are very rare birds and it's rare to see one, there used to be thousands of Tropical birds in the past but now they somehow disappered. Except one bird and that's Melon.

In the past thousands of Tropical birds lived on islands and some lived on beaches. There very good at gathering food but there sence of smell is not very good, but they can still be able to breath and smell items that are in front of there nose.

There used to be a medium sized image here that shows an old image of the Tropical Birds' Island but it's broken and I can't find it on Deviantart anymore.

Tropical Islands is where Tropical birds used to live until they all vanished from the world.

History Info

This page is about how Melon's Adventures got being made and got being created. This is kind of a long story but it's a interesting one (well, I think it's interesting) Enjoy everyone! ^-^

The History of Melon's Adventures

      It all started when I first loved birds. When I found out about Ty Beanie Babies and knew that they had Ty Beanie Baby birds also. I loved thoses bird plushies to deaf and I still do to this day. I collected thoses birdies and before you knew it I had a big collection and picked out a box for them with all of my other plushies. I stoped my collection for a few years and started to draw cartoon birds.

      After a few months I made up my first cartoon show called "The Birdies" Which introduced my Ty Beanie Baby birds that I made up for characters. Soon I made up villians for the show since the show has birds with powers that save the world from evil forces that come upon the world. I also made a little birdy band that was also called "The Birdies" which introduced mostly the main characters in my first made up show.

      I worked on The Birdies for a long time, making up more characters. Also made up other shows called "Power of the Pegasus" that introduced a story about two Pegasus who falled in love with each other at first site. The male Pegasus who is green and white named Peg. Also the female Pegasus who is pink and white named Pega. Yeah, I know weird names XD

     Soon I quit doing that show and started doing another made up show called "The World of Lata" that is about a jet animal named Lata that is an orange and white jet animal who has a brother named Latis that is a light green, and white jet animal. That show is mainly about Lata and Latis's life which is some what like "Power of the Pegasus" but different.

     Then soon another made up show was created. This show is called "Rocket Jr.'s Adventures" which introduces a baby bluejay named Rocket Jr. who is Rocket's son. It's another show that is almost like the birdies but less characters than "The Birdies" With new characters has well. I worked on this show for a long time, longer than I worked on "The Birdies" This is where I got the title for "Melon's Adventures" from making "Rocket Jr.'s Adventures" I soon got tired of making "Rocket Jr.'s Adventures" and tired to think of making a new show but couldn't.

      One day I was drawing in one of my old notebooks that had a few pages still. I drew a bird similar to Rocket except different. I then thought of making a character for my new show but couldn't think of a good title or a name for my character that I drew. I asked my sister to think of a good name for my character since she's good with making names. My sister said a few names but I didn't like them, soon she thought of the name "Melon" which was a good name, but didn't know what colors to use for my character. My sister also helped me with the colors too and Melon was born! ^v^

      Then I started a show called Melon's Adventures and it made me think of making a cartoon show, knowing what to do for my career... to be a cartoonist!



Here are some links to websites that I own.

Updated the links and updated the description for Melon's Island, they where both outdated. I have made other sites as well throughout the years but I just won't add them. - Melon 4/4/20


                                                 ~ Sites that I Own ~

Melon's Island                                           

It used to be a old version of Melon's Island but I made the site into html. It used to be under construction back in 2009 but it hasn't been for a long time. The best version of MI ever! Way better than this old one :3

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak

A fansite that introduces my favorite Hamtaro characters that are Spat and Harmony ^v^ Some rare information about them and lots of rare pictures that I took to make Spat and Harmony screenshots. Also pictures of the cuties from Hamtaro and Totttoko Hamutaro sites. An awesome site for any Spat, Harmony, or Hamtaro fan =)