Melon's Island

The Second Version

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Melon is a tropical bird who fights the forces of evil and brings peace and love to the world. She's nice, kind, and helpful to everyone she meets except her enimes of course. She wants to find out what happened to her parents since she never met them.

Robin is a American Robin who took care of Melon when she was a baby bird. She tought Melon how to fly, to take care of herself, and how to find food and water.

The Goddess Creature is a mysterious creature who gives some of her powers to Melon to help save the world. She also helps Melon on her journey and gives Melon important infomation that she will need on her journey. The Goddess Creature mostly appears during the night since she's a rare creature and very powerful.

Melody is a Angel Bird that comes in Melon's Adventures Season 2 Love and Hate. She comes to Melon for help to defet the Devil Bird named Despair.

Crystal is a fairy bird that protects a powerful jewel that can make anyone's wish come true. She uses her powers to protect the jewel at any cost. Crystal tries her best to always protect the jewel from anyone that is evil or greedy.

Mello is a tropical bird just like Melon except different. When Melon meets Mello, she's first seen in a Haunted House under a bed in one of the upstair rooms. Lost and trapped untill Melon happens to find her. Mello is very shy and scared seen Despair has put a curse on Mello which gives her nightmares that scare Mello a lot. Soon Melon rescues Mello from the Haunted House and from Despair's curse. Mello tags along with Melon since she seems safe being around Melon. Mello later becomes less shy and scared through out the journey. 

                                                        Other Characters

Flame is a bird with fire powers that gets her powers from the heat of a flame. She's neautral and is very mysterious. Flame helps both evil and the good side. Her fire powers are very strong and dangerous. Flame is one of thoses unknown characters that are neautral.                                    


Canaku is a shape shifting bird that has the power to shape shift into anything he choses with a necklace called Dark Neck, that can transform into anything and gives him powers. Without the Dark Neck he is powerless and can no longer transform which is Cananku's powerful attack. He is the leader of most of the villians since he's so powerful than the others and has more attacks. Cananku battles out Melon through the begining of her journey. Cananku also sends out spirits to do most of his battles to rule the world which is his goal.

Chaos is a evil bird magician who uses his magic for evil and world domation. He used to be a orginal magician and did poorly in his magic shows. He then used his magic for evil to take revenge on his audience, and Melon who is infront of his goal to world domation.

Poison is a poisonious bird that has the power to make anyone in her grasp poison. Which is mainly why she's called Poison. She has lots of poisonious powers that can make anyone sick or even die of poison since she's very dangerous. Poison doesn't like any happiness or any beauty. She mostly likes the poisonious plants which make her poison powers powerful than she is. Her goal is to get rid of Melon to rule the world with poisonious plants.

Despair is a Devil Bird that is the main villian in the 2nd Season of Melon's Adventures. He's evil plans get destroyed by Melody even though he's a little bit more powerful than Melody. He's powers are in his weapon which makes him float in mid air and has the power to possess almost everyone in his path. 

About Melon's Adventures

Melon's Adventures is about a bird named Melon who goes on a journey to fight the forces of evil. She gets powers to fight theses villians with the help of a mysterious bird like creature who gives her electric powers and fighting moves.

Name: Melon's Adventures

Genre: Action and Adventure

Creature: Me

Episodes: 26 so far

Seasons: 2 so far

Number of Characters: 10 so far

Main Character: Melon




When a tropical bird named Melon gets powers from a mysterious creature. Melon goes on a journey to fight the forces of evil to save the world from chaos and distruction to fill the world with peace, love and harmony. Melon finds out that the mysterious creature is The Goddess Creature who tags along to help Melon save the world. Later Melon meets some new faces as she continues her journey. Melon meets some tough villians along her journey also. Will Melon have be able to save this world!?


Melon's Adventures Episodes

Here are the episodes that I made up so far, theres pleanty more episodes that are coming soon. Episode titles may change.


                  Season 1  

       Melon's Adventures

      Ep 1. How Melon Came to Be

           2. A Bird named Melon

           3. Journey

           4. Darkness Falls

           5. An Evil Force is Near

           6. A Journey to Follow

           7. Chaos

           8. Pain   

           9. Revenge

          10. Poison Ivy

          11. Save the Plants

          12. Secret of The Goddess Creature (Part 1)

          13. Secret of The Goddess Creature (Part 2)

          14. A Battle of Strength


                  Season 2

       Melon 's Adventures 

           Love and Hate    

     Ep. 15. New Villians and New Friends

           16. Mysterious Melody

           17. Devilish Despair

           18. Power of Love

           19. Angel V.S Devil

           20. Haunted House

           21. Rescue Me

           22. Great Escape

           24. World of Dreams

           25. Dream Battle

           26. Crystal

           27. Race to the Finish   

           28. The Mysterious Bird       

           29. Flames of Fire

           30. Fire Battle

       (More Episodes Coming Soon)