Melon's Island

The Second Version

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About This Site

This site is mainly about a show that I might make in the future called Melon's Adventures which introduces a tropical bird named Melon. Also about the show with episodes, characters, and much more about this show that might come on television in the future.

Name: Melon's Island

Headline: The Second Version

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About: Melon's Adventures

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Date started: 3/20/08

First Update: 3/22/08

Last Update: 7/09/08

Website News

This page is where you can find all of the news on this website which include up coming pages and updates that are coming soon. Find sneak peaks on about Melon's Adventures Season 2 and a lot more. Enjoy the news everyone! ^v^

                                          News for April

Melon's Adventures Season 2 is just around the corner. I'm still making up future episodes for the second season and characters that get introduced in this awesome season!

                                  Here is the characters list so far for Season 2




                            The information on theses characters will be coming soon.

                                                       News For May

             Working More on Season 2 (Episodes, Pictures, and Character Info)

                                         Character List for Season 2 (So far)





                                            Info and Pics will be Coming Soon   

                                                   News For June

                                         * New Characters

                                                   * New Episodes

                                                   * More Episode Scripts

                                                   * and More

                                                       News For July 

                                                     * Episode 7 Script

                                                     * Episode 8 Script

                                                     * Episode 9 Script

About Me

What to know about me? If you do, you came to the right page ^v^


Name: Melon

Realname: ???? ???????? 

(thoses question marks are the same number of letters in my name =3)

Nicknames: Melon88, Melon48, Melly, and Mel

Birthdate: 2/7/92 (February 7, 2008)

Age: 16

Location: Clymer, Pennsylvania 

Hair Color: Medium Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Hobbies: Drawing, going on the computer/labtop, watching birds, taking pictures, playing video games, and listening to music

Lover/Crush: Spat ^v^

Obessions: Hamtaro, animals, birds, nature, friends, computer, Pokemon, Spat, Harmony, plushies, wildlife, cartoons and, working on websites


                                              My Life

I'm a shy person (expeciallly in school) and I love animals a lot ^-^ I really like being on the computer since I've made lots of friends through the internet and I like typing better than writing. Also I find more songs that I enjoy a lot on Youtube and other neat video sites. I can download music, episodes, movies, games and, more using the computer. I find new things on the computer almost every day I'm on here. I just love plushes/stuff animals there just so soft and cuddly ^v^ I love meeting new friends from all over the world. I'm mostly on the computer updating websites, updating other stuff, looking for pictures of things that I like, drawing on Paint.NET which is now my favorite download for drawing and making other stuff, the computer is very good for researching so I like to research Hamtaro and other things. I would love to get thoses waccom drawing tablets that have corell paint, Adobe Photoshop CS, and more. If I had that I wouldn't have to draw with a mouse which makes my drawings all shakey like. I live in a small apartment in Clymer -_- which I'm getting very tired of living here and I just want to live in a house with three bedrooms not a small apartment with only two bedrooms which I can't have my own room. I never even had my own bedroom like my other friends and other people. I could have a room all to myself and I don't even care if that rooms small if only it's not too small to fit everything. My parents have looked for a house for us to live in instead of living in a apartment where you have to pay rent or you can't live there anymore. No luck on finding a house that we can aford and be able to live in it for a longtime. We already looked at six of seven houses and theres ALWAYS a problem with it, it's too much, it's already sold once we plan on getting it, it's too small, or we won't have enough money to live in that house. We even had to not get a house with a swimming pool for crying out loud! I'm getting really mad and depressed about this but what can we do?! I really want my own bedroom really bad so I don't have to share with a sister who bugs you and pokes you and won't ever stop! I should probably stop talking about this before I explosed!

                                                      My Future

 I plan on making a cartoon show called Melon's Adventures that introduces a tropical bird named Melon who goes on a journey to save the world from evil forces. I hope that my future comes true since I think this world needs a cartoon shows that has mainly birds in the show. Also it would be awesome to make a show like that, the animal cartoon shows that I've seen has dogs or cats in it which can get annoying to some people like me. My favorite shows gets me interested to make a show myself and I can learn how to draw better and, get more into my show.


Animals, Pokemon, Xiaolin Showdown, Kirby: Right Back at ya, art, Ty Beanie Babies: Birds; Cats; Dogs; birds, nature, wildlife, Hamtaro, Tottoko Hamutaro, music, eating XD, hanging out with friends, Spat, Harmony, bird watching, colors, video games, Yoshi, Birdo, Mario, Luigi, Boo, building websites, advance systems, graphics, feathers, furr, friends, meeting friends on the internet, kind and nice people, animal lovers, Spat lovers, Harmony lovers, bird lovers, plushies, Youtube, google, msn, Yahoo, typing, cooking, baking, chating with freinds or nice and kind people, music, cd's, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia, Latios, Latias, Pikachu, Eevee, Ponyta, Mudkip, most Pokemon birds, doing crafts, drawing, working on my show - Melon's Adventures, art, advancing drawings, coloring, drawing new things, red items, orange items, listening to music and, finding new songs


Favorite shows: Hamtaro, Pokemon, Xiaolin Showdown and, Kirby: Right Back at ya

Favorite Hamtaro characters: Spat and Harmony

Favorite Game: Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak (my most favorite game EVER)

Other Favorite Games: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, Nintendogs Dalmation and Friends, Super Mario 64 DS, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror,Kirby Nightmare Land in Dream Land, Kirby Squek Squad and, more

Favorite Toys: My Ty Beanie Baby Bird: Rocket, My Latios plush, My Moltres Combat Figure, My Latias Figure and, My Ty Beanie Baby Bird: Susan

Favorite colors: Red and Orange ^-^

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, ice cream, cake, ice cream cake, mealtz form Sheetz, macaroni and cheese, jello and, vegetable soup

Favorite Drinks: Sam's Choice Root Beer, Grape Soda, Orange Soda, Iced Coffe, Ginger Ale and, Mountain Dew Code Red

Favorite Candies: Reese's, Twislers and, Reese's Pieces


With Foods: onions, spinach, cooked carrots, most school lunches, sweet potatoes, cabage and, more

Other Dislikes: Pollution, harming anyone or anything, bossiness, my sister, annoying people, jokes, being bored, allergies, dust,  bug bites, mosquitos, smoking, alcohol, cruelty to any living creature, crimes, name calling, wars, people who treat people with no respect, pushy people, crowds, messy, bullying, showers, being drowned, slow computers, name calling, noisey people, bossy people, crowed places, alcohol, drugs (except medicine), people who pick on others,  wierd shows that ONLY have comedy and nothing else, tv channels changing schedules and, school (except for learning)

                                            Contact Me

                                    Yahoo email: