Melon's Island

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Melon's Adventures Episode Scripts

Here is where all of the episode scripts of Melon's Adventures which I don't have many episodes typed but theres at least four episodes that I typed. I'll start with one or two episode scripts each day if I can but it I can't update the site every day then your just have to wait until I update the site again.

                                                               Episode 1 

         On one peaceful afternoon, a bird that is different from the others was flying peacefully above the fluffy white clouds. Then a very strange flying machine appered by this bird and chased it. The machine made the bird very scared and flew to what it looked like a tropical Island. The machine began throwing ten electricel nets then the bird started to douge a few nets, but then got captured and the net flew inside the machine, and put the bird in a electricel cage.

         Soon the bird noticed a human walking up to it and said comally"Ah, look what I caught, a new bird species, I've been wanting for one theses for a while" The bird was shock and knew that it was in danger, and knew it had to some how escape, but it sadly did'nt know how. Soon the bird quietly lade out an egg and the egg rolled out of the cage and rolled to the exit door in the machine, but the door was closed.

         Then the bird knew that the door will soon open and her baby will freely escape out of the machine. This female bird would only want her baby to escape so the human won't see the baby bird and try to capture it. A few mins later the exit door slowly opened and the egg rolled out of the door, quick as a flash. The mother bird then prayed that her baby will be alright and that someone will take care of it.

                                                                Episode 2

         The egg fell down until a American Robin saw this egg falling down upon her and caught the egg just in time by using her beak. Then the bird carefully put the egg down and knew that she had to lay gently on the egg so that the baby bird will start hatching. A few weeks went by and the egg started moving under the bird and the Robin gasped, and knew that the egg will begin hatching very soon. The Robin quickly stood up and saw the egg moving a lot and started to crack. At the bottom of the egg two little green feet popped out and walked out of the nest, and bumped into the Robin who was standing out of the nest watching.

         Then the rest of the egg cracked and showed a green baby bird and the bird carefully opened it's eyes, looking confused at the American Robin thinking that it's her mom and snuggled up to the bird, closing her eyes, and felling very happy. Then the baby bird began making cute little peeps to show that she was happy finally coming out of her egg shell and seeing her mother for the first time in her life. The Robin then sighed and smiled saying " I will call you Melon." Then the baby bird peeped with happiness knowing that her name is Melon. Soon a few years past and Melon was now 14 years old. The American Robin taught Melon how get her own food and how to escape from predators. Then that night the Robin and Melon were sleeping.

         A bright light came up to Melon. The light was so bright for Melon that she immedently woke up and saw what was making the bright light. The bright light said " I am the Goddess Creature and I have came to you, Melon to give you a special gift to fight evil that will soon find you and try to defet you and try to rule this world.'' The way to defeat them and to save this world from harm is to fight them with your special gift that is electric powers and plenty of fighting moves, you will soon get more moves and many more things will happen to you when you use your powers and moves very well you will soon have a powerful form. '' I will tell you more later. '' Then the Goddess Creature gives Melon her electric powers and her fighting moves.

        Then disappears. " Wow, I got electric powers and fighting moves, this is so cool!'' Well I guess I'm a hero and I get to fight evil, and save the world, wow!!'' I always wanted to be a hero and fight evil!'' ,said Melon happily. Soon Melon fell asleep and it was morning. The American Robin woke up and said to Melon " Good Morning Melon", but Melon was already sleeping. The Robin sighed and said " I guess you had trouble sleeping.'' Well, I'll let you sleep until afternoon.'' Afternoon came and Melon woke up. Robin says, " Melon it's time that I teach you how to fly, that's the only thing that I didn't teach you yet." Melon says, " Flying?" How do you do that?" Robin says, " First you spread your wings, then you jump into the air and quickly flap your wings." Then you will be able to fly."

        Melon spreads her wings, jumps into the air, and quickly flaps her wings. Robin says, " Melon, your flying, your really flying!" Melon smiles and says, "YES!" I'm flying!" Then darkness covers all of the clouds and makes the clouds black. A voice that sounds like the Goddess Creatures says, "Melon the evil is coming. Soon you will have to fight them to save this world. Your the only one that can defeat them, try Melon, try." Melon gets shocked at hearing this voice. Melon says, "I'm ready to save this world from the forces of evil." Then runs up to the darkness hearing Robin saying, "Melon, what are you doing? Melon, please come back!"

                                                                 Episode 3

        The darkness covered the light blue sky and made the sky gray. Melon continued running to the darkness. Then dark figures came and flew towards Melon. Soon Melon used her electric powers and her fighting moves, trying to destroy or at least hit the dark figures, but nothing worked. Melon gasped and didn't know how to even use her powers or her fighting moves, she was helpless. Then the dark figures started hitting Melon. Melon didn't know what to do? Soon Melon felt electric powers coming out of her body and hit the dark figures and the figures vanished. "What happened?" said Melon "Did I destroy thoses dark figures?"

        Then the Goddess Creatures appeared and said, "Yes Melon, believing in yourself made the electric powers come out and made them vanish in one hit, but it will be harder as you continue your adventure." ''Oh." said Melon "So, the battles will be harder as I go on?'' said Melon. The Goddess Creature nods her head, yes. Then Melon hears Robin running towards her saying, "Melon, are you alright?" The Goddess Creature quickly disappears.

       Melon says, "I'm fine." Robin says, "Oh, thank goodness!" Robin then goes over to Melon and hugs her tightly and says, "Oh, Melon I was so worred "Oww, Robin your hugging me to hard!" said Melon. "Oh, sorry, I was just worred about you, Melon." said Robin. "Oh" said Melon. Then the sky quickly turns black and the dark figures come out of the dark sky and come flying towards Melon. "Oh great, thoses things again." said Melon. "Robin, you better go to safety, I can handle this." Robin quickly goes to a near by cave and hides. Melon soon shoots out a blast of electric powers, but the figures quickly douge the attack and hit Melon. "Ouch!" said Melon "Thoses things are getting hard to bet." Then Melon quickly blast out a powerful beam of electric and hits the figures. Soon the dark figures vanish. "Yes, I bet them!" said Melon.

       Robin then comes out of the cave and runs to Melon. Robin says, "Melon, you bet them, I was getting worred at first, but now I know you can bet them!" Then the Goddess Creature appears inside a cave. The Goddess Creature says happily, "Melon did it, she bet the dark figures!" Soon the Goddess Creature sences something evil. The Goddess Creatures says, "There's not much evil now, but it will soon grow powerful and Melon will then need my help."

                                                              Episode 4

      Melon was happy that she now knows how to use her powers. Melon then looked sad and looked up to the white fluffy clouds. Melon then sighed and sad to Robin "Hmm Robin, I think that I should start on a journey to defeat these evil forces." Robin says, "Oh, you do (sighs) then can I come with you?" "No, I'm sorry Robin, but I must go alone." said Melon. "Oh...okay." said Robin. Melon then walks on a dirt path to start her journey to defeat this evil. "Bye, Melon!" said Robin. "Bye!" said Melon. Melon walks along the path feeling sad inside that she has to leave Robin to start her journey.

      Then the Goddess Creature appears in front of Melon. "AHHHHHH!!" said Melon "Oh, it's just you Goddess Creature, you scared me." "Oh, sorry." said The Goddess Creature. "I just came to tell you that more evil is coming, but this time, it's evil spirits." "Okay, I'm ready." said Melon. "That's good, but watch out for them, they're very tricky." said The Goddess Creature. Soon ten evil spirits appeared and attacked Melon and The Goddess Creatures with purple spark balls. The Goddess Creature used a big clear ball that protected the Goddess Creature and Melon. Then Melon used her electric powers and it blasted five of the evil spirits.

      Soon the Goddess Creature blasted the last five evil spirits with her rainbow beam. The evil spirits disappeared. "Wow! "I never knew you are so powerful!" said Melon. "Yeah, I am and Melon.." said The Goddess Creature. "Yeah" said Melon. "When you need my help, say my name in your mind and I'll be there." said The Goddess Creature."In my mind, okay, I will." said Melon. Then The Goddess Creature disapered. Melon walked along the dirt path to continue her journey to stop this evil.

                                                 Episode 5

   In a dark castle a bird with black and red feathers sets in his thrown mumbling. "Hmm, that bird beat all of my evil spirits! Hmm... how can a bird possibly have powers? And theres a mystery bird like creature with that bird. Hmm... maybe I should meet theses two birds. They could be the reason why I haven't ruled the world yet."

      "Melon, I fell that an evil force is coming!" said The Goddess Creature speaking into Melon's mind. Melon gaps "An evil force! Alright evil force come and get me!" said Melon. The sky turns dark and the clouds turn gray. "Uh, dear. Melon get ready!" said The Goddess Creature speaking into Melon's mind. "I will. " said Melon. A mysterious bird appears. "Hello, little bird. Where's your mysterious looking friend at?" said the bird. "She's not here! And I'm not little!" said Melon feriously. "Oh, not here? I don't think so little bird. (chuckles) I think your hiding something from me. And you seem to be ruining my chance of ruling the world!" said the bird. "What? Ruling the world?!" said Melon surprised. "Who are you?" said Melon. "I am Canaku! The shapeshifting bird of darkness! And you seem to be in my way pathetic bird!! Now you'll pay the price!" said Canaku feriously. Canaku quickly shapeshifts into a dragon. "WHAT?!! You can shapeshift! said Melon surprised. "Yep, now it's time for you to die little bird!!" said Canaku. "Oh, no. I.. I can't bet a shapeshifting bird. I'm not strong enough yet! I just can't do this!" said Melon. "Yes you can Melon! Only if you believe in yourself you'll have the strenght to fight! You can do it Melon! I know you can!" said The Goddess Creature speaking into Melon's mind. "You're right! I can do it!" said Melon.

       Melon uses her electric powers to shock Canaku but misses. "What, how could it miss?!" said Melon surprised. Canaku chuckles. "You really think that your useless powers can stop me!!" said Canaku. "Rrrrr!!" said Melon. Melon then uses her fighting moves but misses again. "What?! Not again!!" said Melon feriously. "Goddess Creature.. please.. I need some help.. he's too powerful for me... I can't possibly have that power to fight him! Oh, please.. Goddess Creature! Please! " said Melon in her mind. "Melon, I know you need help but... you'll just have to beat him on your own this time.. I'm sorry but you.. must." said The Goddess Creature sadly. "But Goddess Creature!" said Melon. "I'm sorry.." said The Goddess Creature.

      "Then, I'll try again!" said Melon feriously. Melon uses her powerfull electric power "Electric Tail" and it staps Canaku which makes him turn back to his orginal form. "WHAT?! You beat me! How can this be? Rrrr, I'll be back little birdy and next time you won't be so lucky!!!" said Canaky feriously. Canaku disappears. "Wow, I beat him! Yeeeesss!!" said Melon felling excited. "Yes, you did Melon! *smiles* You're getting stronger by everytime you battle!" said The Goddess Creature. "Thanks! *smiles* Umm, Goddess Creature why couldn't you battle with me like when we battled with thoses evil spirits?" said Melon. "Well, if I appeared when Canaku was here. He might have tried to capture me or worse. I'm sorry Melon but I just couldn't take that chance..." said The Goddess Creature sadly. "Oh, I understand. " said Melon while hugging The Goddess Creature. "Thanks for understanding Melon." said The Goddess Creature smiling while hugging Melon. "Your welcome." said Melon smiling while still hugging The Goddess Creature.                                                          


                                                             Episode 6

Melon continued her journey. She was very tired and hungry. Melon wished that there was a forest that is near by but sadly it wasn't true. The dirt path that Melon traveled felt like she was in a desert unable to get food or water.

Melon's belly growled for food but she knew she had to continue her journey for this was her goal to take a long journey and to defet any evil force that appears in front of her. To save this world from sadness and anger.

Soon Melon came to a near by shop that was across the dirt path.

"Hello, there." said Melon "Hmm, who's there? Oh it's my first costumer! Oh joy! Oh joy!" said the bird. "Hmm, first costume? I guess I'm your first costumer to ever come here then?" said Melon. "Yes, of course. This is my first day opening the shop you know." said the bird. "Oh, do you perhaps have so food? said Melon while holding her belly. "I'm so hungry." said Melon with a hungry face. "Well, I have a little bit but this is all I have." said the bird while holding a few apples. "Really?!" said Melon surprised. "Oh, please will you give me some of your tasty apples!?" said Melon. Oh, please, please, please, I've been traveling for so long without any food or water. said Melon. "Oh, you've been traveling? said the bird. "Yeah, traveling to save this world from evil!" said Melon tiredly. "Oh, then you deserve theses apples my friend! said the bird happliy. "YES! Thank you!" said Melon happily. Melon takes all the apples out of the bird's wings and starts eating. The bird smiles. "Anytime traveling bird!" said the bird. "Hmm? Traveling bird?" said Melon with a bunch of apples in her beak. "Yes, lots of birds call you that but don't worry it's not to make fun of you or anything. It's like a good luck name since your on a long journey to save this world. Your very amazing to go on a long journey like this!" said the bird. "Oh, way thank you very much." said Melon happily. "Your welcome" said the bird happily. "Well, see ya around" said Melon. "Oh, your leaving already then I wish you luck on your journey. "Thanks" said Melon.

Melon continued on her journey on the dirt path but then Melon saw a bunch of trees up ahead. "Wow, I can't believe it! I'll finally be able to walk in a forest for now on and I'll probably be able to get a fresh drink of water from the lake. said Melon happily. Melon raced into the forest to start a new path.

                                                             Episode 7

Melon started traveling through the forest. She found a small lake in front of her. "Wow, a lake! I can finally take a nice bird bath!" said Melon with a smile on her face. She started racing to the lake but as Melon was running she heard something. "Whoa, what was that?!" gasped Melon. She soon saw that all of the bushes were moving. Melon started to freak out but she knew that she had to be brave. She couldn't be running from her fears because she had an important journey to follow and a goal. Melon stopped in her footsteps she thought of what might be the cause of the bushes moving.

Soon Melon heard something else but this time it sounded like someone or something was laughing. Melon then knew that it had to be one of her enimes. "Melon! I know what's making thoses sounds!" said The Goddess Creature. "You do?! What is it?" said Melon surprised. "It's another one of your enimes but be caution Melon. I fear that this foe is powerful." said The Goddess Creature. "I had a felling that it was another foe!" said Melon with anger. "But I sence that this foe uses magic and you better be careful." said The Goddess Creature. "Don't worry Goddess creature. I'll be okay. No villian is going to stop me!" said Melon.

"Oh, really?" said a voice. "Who's there? Show yourself!" said Melon with anger. "Very well." said the voice. The voice appeared itself in blue smoke. It appeared to be a dark and light blue bird with a black cape. "Um, oh. This will be a challenging." said Melon quietly. "Who are you?!" questioned Melon. "I am Chaos! I'm a bird with magical powers and you are?" said Chaos. "I'm Melon and I'm gonna bet your birdy butt!" said Melon angered. "Bring it on little bird!" said Chaos. Chaos used a magical blue like ball and started to fly in Melon's direction. "I don't think so!" said Melon as she douged Chaos's attack. "Now it's my turn!" said Melon as she used her electric shock attack. The lighting bolts went in Chaos's direction but he stopped it as he used is one wing which went the oppsite direction and started aming at Melon. Melon tried to douge her own attack but she was to late. The lighting bolt hit Melon in her left wing. Her wing was hurting very badly but she could end the battle. Melon had to go on. She stood up as her one wing held the left wing in. "Aww, poor little bird got her wing hurt. I'll end our little battle right there since your so weak that your little wing got hurt. What a foul you are to challenge me!" said Chaos as he dissapeared. "What?! How did a lose?" said Melon angered. "He seems to powerful for you I'm afraid." said The Goddess Creature sadly. "But..but.." said Melon sadly. Melon sighed and started to continue her path in the forest.