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This page has extra stuff for the following sites; Spat and Harmony Heartbreak, Legendary Birds, & Melon's Island. It will be updated with more extras every once in a while, maybe after each site's update. There's more than just a list of future updates. For Legendary Birds, I added news on anything that has to do with them, that started on June 6th, 2022.

Last Update: 2/28/24

Spat and Harmony Heartbreak Extras

Here is a list of upcoming updates for this site but note that this is only what I plan to add and that my plans may change. This list is from my notes on SHH.

  • Make a new Version of Ham-Hams and Duet ('Videos')
  • Add credit to Chinako; for the Spat & Harmony sprites
  • Remove MI (Template) on 'About Me' (Active sites only), Update my age too, change title to My Other (Active) Websites (remove the : symbol on those as well)
  • Add more music from Ham-Ham Heartbreak? (Sunflower Peak, Wild Woods, Boo Manor, Clubhouse, Sandy Bay, Fun land, English Title Screen, & Japanese Title Screen)
  • 'Episodes' Add Ep 130 Revamped (Link from HHP tumblr, found one that does work). Which isn't going to be uploaded to Mega anymore unless this plan changes.
  • New AMV, my version of Spat & Harmony - Are You? (once it's been made and completed). Should I still do this?
  • Add Turning Over a New Leaf fan-fic (once it's done and once it has a cover) to 'Fan-Fics'. I might not make a cover.

Legendary Birds Extras

From now on when I find anything new on Legendary Birds, I'll add it to this section. I'll add it to LB at some point but as behind as I am with anything that involves the birds, it'll be a year or more until it's added (including anything that involved the birds that isn't on LB before the site was created).

  • As fans predicted, a Moltres articulated figure from Jazwares was released sometime in October :D Part of Series 3 but for some reason it's the only new one, with the other figures being re-releases..
  • A new Articuno card is coming soon on the 11th of this month (the Japanese version has been out since Sept 2nd). The set is called Sword and Shield: Silver Tempest. They are surprisingly on ebay despite the release date being later.
  • A promo card for each Galarian Bird (the Legendary Birds Galarian forms) is coming next year, part of the Crown Zenith (also from the Sword and Shield series) in a tin but only one card will be included in each tin. Said to release sometime in March according to Toywiz.
  • The English dub of Episode 1182: Battling in the Freezing Raid!, which is that new Articuno ep has been added to Netflix on Oct 21st, part of Part 1 of Pokemon: Ultimate Journeys (sure there's The Series at the end but I don't see the reason to do that since the titles aren't based on the video games for the 8th generation).
  • A new Zapdos figure is out! One that is a very articulated and is part of the Series 2 set and is made from Jazwares. It was released some time this month. An Articuno one, that is also from Jazwares and is also the same type of figure was released last year in October but it's part of the Series 1 set.
  • On, there is a hoodie and a t-shirt that has "Take Flight" in the title (featuring all the birds), an expensive pendent/necklace for each bird from Rock Love, and more than few Pokemon Go merch.
  • A new Trading Card Game set has been revealed that is called Pokemon GO, obviously being based on the popular app game and each Legendary Bird gets it's own card. This time it's not their Galarian forms. The set will be released on July 1st.
  • On May 27th, the English versions of three of the birds Galarian forms (one for each) was released in a new Pokemon TCG set that is called Astral Radiance (or Sword & Shield: Astral Radiance). These cards are actually in a special subset that is called Trainer Gallery.
  • On May 18th in Japan, a new episode aired that features Articuno! It's Ep 1189: Trial Mission! A Frozen Raid Battle!! that is part of season 24. The English dub might appear months later in the next 15 episode batch on Netflix some time this year.
Here is a list of upcoming updates for this site but note that this is only what I plan to add and that my plans may change. This list is from my notes on LB.

  • Add New Page 'Manga' (it'll most likely take a long time)
  • 'Articuno', 'Zapdos', 'Moltres' Add Movie Appearance (not sure when I'll do this)
  • Trading Cards; Scan and add 15 or 17 more cards
  • Credits; Add credits for the previous update and this update.
  • New Layout! Version 13: Galarian Generation (coming 2024)
  • Past Layouts; Add Version 12
  • Minor Anime Appears; Looking Out for Number Two! Ep 1168 (US) 1175 (JA) 40 (40th ep in season 24).. As a probably flash back of Advice to Goh! Ep 1148 (US) Mol appears. Heroes Unite! Ep 1211 (US), 1222 (JA) 45 (45th ep in season 25).. Zapdos is seen as a flashback on "A Crackling Raid Battle!" when Goh thought about how Raboot (before it evolved) battled with it. This Could be the Start of Something Big! Ep 1212 (US), 1223 (JA) 46 (46th ep in season 25).. The birds appear together as silhouettes in the ocean when Lugia flies above it, as Ash and Goh ride on it. GO FOR DREAM! Go's Road to Mew!! Ep 1213 (JA).. Add this Japanese only ep? I think it's a special. Arti & Mol only. Repeats from their 8th Gen big anime appearances?

Melon's Island Extras

Here is a list of upcoming updates for this site but note that this is only what I plan to add and that my plans may change. This list is from my notes on MI.

  • 'Pictures': Add a Wipeoff Board doodle; Furies, all the full versions of the winter banner and splash & the autumn banner and splash (Should I wait to include the summer and spring ones?), & Lucian and Kelly's Yulemas in the Traditional section (Should I try scanning it again? Maybe it'll turn out better since I tried it with the desktop before).
  • 'Previous Layouts' Add the info about how each number has a theme of layouts (previous ones only); Each layout has a theme, which usually consists of three layouts for each set; For Version 1 - Version 1.3 the layout theme is "The Tropical Island" (it definitely didn't start that way, with Version 1 being only on the old MI and the start of the current MI didn't start out like that either and 1.3 marked the return of Melon's Island, I realized later on that the four layouts have something in common. Since the official connection to the old MI, now the start is Version 1 instead of 1.0 so now there's four in all but it used to be three. For Version 2.0 - 2.3 it's "Chapters". I mentioned in the first update for each layout when 2.0 and 2.2 appeared that 2.0 is based on Chapter 1 and 2.2 is based on Chapter 2. And last (for the ones that are old); for Version 3.0 - 3.3 the theme went a new direction.. "Music" which I already explained in the first paragraph of each layout's summary.
    Also add header 5 to each layout's title instead of using the one that's already there.
  • 'About this Layout' Add the lastest layout info; For Version 4.0 & 4.4 or just the one (depending on if a style switcher can be used or not)
  • 'About the Story' Change creator: me, melon to Me, Autumn or just Autumn.
  • 'Past' (secret page); Edit: Camo actually has a few connections to Poison; has poisonious claws (on his lizard side only) and he's green :D Though the idea for him didn't come from Poison.
    Add to Poison's profile, after the paragraph; Her name also comes from a song, which is called Poison by Groove. I also found the song from a Xiaolin Showdown music video that a fan made on Youtube, during my Xiaolin Showdown obession.
    Add to Chaos' profile, after the paragraph; His name comes from a song that is called Chaos by Nine Inch Nails. I found the song from a Xiaolin Showdown (a cartoon show) music video that a fan made on Youtube, during my Xiaolin Showdown obession.
  • Add more to 'Monster Birds' (when Ch 15 is added); Aaron gets a new look for his Partial Monster Bird form since he calmed down his other side and gained peace with him. He developes more strength (not as much in his other form though), becomes kind of wild.. (anything else?)
  • 'Lucian & Kelly's Beginning' Change creator: me, melon to Me, Autumn or just Autumn. Also other various updates & Chapter 2.