18th Layout

Main Colors: Blue and White
Header Font: Cooper Std Black
Winter Flakes Font Credit: Dafont

Had some trouble thinking of a title, I thought of naming it "Winter Bliss" at first since this one layout on this Pokemon site was named. But then I didn't want to copy on the title, wanted it to be something I made up on my own. Suddenly when I was searching for a good font for the layout image Thought of the title "White Christmas" so I named it that since it seemed better than my first choice. I know there's a Christmas song called that but didn't get it from there. It just popped in my head.

I worked longer on this layout than my other ones since the content background didn't want to stay in the center which I wanted to but the banner did. That is when I half up the layout like the 16th layout and worked with the same code just added some edits here and there. The content background wouldn't stay in the center (like said above) so the content and the banner had to stay together. I had no other choice than to make the layout image bigger, and bigger until the navigation didn't over flow the image. That part took the longest! And was getting tired of making the height bigger but I didn't want to give up until it looked good. I worked on the two headers next, I tried many different fonts but none of them looked.. winter like. So, I made my own headers for the navigation using the Winter Font on Gimp. It would have been hard if I made the header images transparent cause of the text and background image being white when you view it alone. Which is why I made the background color the same as the layout. It took a while to fit the long titled headers in but succeed by making the font smaller than 33px which is what most of the header image texts are. When the 17th layout was replaced by this one, the content of some pages that where big was being over flown by the image so I had no choice but to put scroll-bars in between most of the content on each of these pages: About the Site, Past Layouts, Spat's Page, Harmony's Page, Episodes, Merchandise, Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Powers, and Fan Fics.

Note that the chat box is only an image since I'm going to change the color to match the next layout anyways. The image was taken before SHHB went on hiatus for it's 19th layout on January 28, 2011. Also note that I took out the page links since this is a layout from the past except for the chat box rules and affiliates. Those would be the only links that are going to work.