16th Layout

Main Colors: Blue and Dark Blue
Header Font: Brush Script Std

Yay! I kept version 16's code :D I should do this with my other past layouts, that is when they do become past layouts XD Anyway, this is what the 16th layout looked like. This is the code that I used to make version 16 back when version 15 was available so the links aren't up to dated. For example: The "Vote for Us" page is still here. The two Spat and Harmony picture galleries are here since the very slow loading thumbnails where used for all of the images. And the "Coloring Pages" isn't here since I haven't posted the page until later on when the layout was shown.

Note that the chat box below is only an image since I'm going to change the color to match the next layout anyways. The image was taken when the SHHB went on hiatus for it's 17th layout on September 29, 2010. Also note that I took out the page links since this is a layout from the past except for the chat box rules and affiliates. Those would be the only links that are going to work.